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Thank you for your willingness to volunteer to help administer LPedia. As we are growing and getting much more organized and formalized, we do have some minimal responsibilities that need to be covered. If you can’t dedicate the time at this point, no worries, just let us know when you can and we will bump your account back up. For security and management purposes, we are limiting administrator accounts to those who are currently active. These will be updated as we learn, but right now these are the expected duties:

1. Be a current member of your state or National Libertarian party

2. Have a current signed NDA using your legal name on file with the Historical Committee which is viewable to all Committee members and HQ staff.

3. Provide contact information (such as email address) on your User page

4. Log-in at least once a week and check your user page for any notes as that will be the preferred method of communication

5. Work on special projects at the Historical Committee’s discretion or if no assignment given, check the “recent changes” page at each log-in and patrol edits checking for formatting, vandalism, spam, or other issues, and correct or communicate with the user and other administrators as necessary

6. Subscribe to the Historical Committee’s read-only list to keep up-to-date on issues of concern regarding LPedia by sending an email to lphpc-request@lists.dehnbase.net with “subscribe” in the subject line

As the categorization is formalized the edit patrol duties will include insuring proper templates and categorization. Image patrolling is left to one designated administrator (presently Caryn Ann Harlos), so those should be left untouched.

Please acknowledge your receipt and agreement by putting a link to this document (LPedia: Administrator Responsibilities) on your user page and thank you so much! Again, if you can’t do this at this time we thank you for all you have done and ask that you please let us know once you can. It is our combined love for liberty which will keep our history alive.