LPVA Constitutional Committee (2024)

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The Libertarian Party of Virginia created[1] this ad-hoc committee to recommend constitutional amendments to the assembled delegates during the 2024 LPVA Convention. Those amendments are then debated and voted on by the members.

Read-Only Discussion List

Public Read-Only Discussion List


Committee Members
Name Position Date Appointed Date Resigned
Paul Bracco Chair 01/15/2023
Richard Fast Member 05/21/2023 08/27/2023
Joseph Knowles Member 05/21/2023
William Ogle Member 05/21/2023
Stevan Porter Member 05/22/2023
Maria RePass Member 05/21/2023


2024 LPVA Constitution Committee Meetings
Meeting Date Location Minutes
08/14/2023 Online N/A - no quorum
09/11/2023 Online Minutes (info)
10/09/2023 Online Minutes (info)
11/13/2023 Online Minutes (info)
12/13/2023 Online Minutes (info)
01/22/2024 Online

Town Halls

2024 LPVA Constitution Committee Town Halls
Meeting Date Location Meeting Package
2/26/2024 Online Report (info)


2024 LPVA Constitution Committee Proposals
Proposal Name Introduced By Introduction Date Language as Introduced Committee Vote Date Committee Voting Result Passed Language
Proposal A - Clean Up Amendment Language[2] Bracco 5/28/2023 Proposal A (info) 9/11/2023 3-0-1 Proposal A as Passed (info)
Proposal B - Set Vote Threshold for Platform[3] Fast - Bracco as proxy 6/14/2023 Proposal B (info) 10/9/2023 3-0-1 Proposal B as Passed (info)
Proposal C - Party Reference Cleanup[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal C (info) 9/11/2023 3-0-1 Proposal C as Passed (info)
Proposal D - Automatic CD Proxy[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal D (info) 10/9/2023 3-0-1 Proposal D as Passed (info)
Proposal E - Endorsement Rules[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal E (info) 10/9/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal E as Passed (info)
Proposal F - Officer Removal Notice[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal F (info) 10/9/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal F as Passed (info)
Proposal G - Remove Unified Membership[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal G (info) 11/13/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal G as Passed (info)
Proposal H - Convention Agenda & Delegate Selection[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal H (info) 11/13/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal H as Passed (info)
Proposal I - CD Chair Attendance[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal I (info) N/A (Withdrawn) N/A (Withdrawn) N/A (Withdrawn)
Proposal J - LPVA Lifetime Membership[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal J (info) 12/18/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal J as Passed (info)
Proposal K - Require District Officer Elections[5] Knowles 7/24/2023 Proposal K (info) 1/22/2024 Passed Without Objection Proposal K as Passed (info)
Proposal L - Minimum Threshold for Readmitting an Expelled Member of the Party[6] Knowles 7/24/2023 Proposal L (info) 1/22/2024 Passed Without Objection Proposal L as Passed (info)
Proposal M - Fix Eligibility Language Inconsistency Bracco 12/4/2023 Proposal M (info) 12/18/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal M as Passed (info)
Proposal H2 - Convention Agenda & Delegate Selection - Reconsideration Bracco 12/4/2023 Proposal H2 (info) 12/18/2023 Passed Without Objection Proposal H2 as Passed (info)