LNC Meeting 6-7 December 2008

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The Libertarian National Committee met 6-7 December 2008 in San Diego, California, with Chair Bill Redpath presiding (but with Vice Chair Michael Jingozian taking over for the final portion) and Secretary Bob Sullentrup taking minutes.

At this meeting, a budget for 2009 was adopted, a proposal that the 2010 Convention be held in St. Louis was accepted, members were appointed to the Platform Committee and alternates appointed to the Bylaws Committee for that convention, funds were appropriated for litigation opposing the "Top Two" primary in Washington state, a Dispute Resolution Committee was formed to address issues arising from complaints about the behavior of an LNC member, and a resolution was adopted opposing domestic deployment of military forces.


San Diego, CA


Minutes of the December 6-7, 2008 LNC Meeting (info)

Reports presented at this meeting

(Unless otherwise noted, copies of these reports may be found in the minutes file.)

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Headquarters Report
  • Campus Organizing Report
  • Region 3 Report
  • Region 5S Report
  • Region 6 Report
  • Region 7 Report