LNC Meeting 21-22 July 2007

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The Libertarian National Committee met 21-22 July 2007 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with Chair Bill Redpath presiding and Secretary Bob Sullentrup taking minutes.

At this meeting, appointments were made to the committees for the 2008 Convention.


Pittsburgh, PA


Minutes of the July 21-22, 2007 LNC Meeting (info)

Reports presented at this meeting

(Unless otherwise noted, copies of these reports may be found in the minutes file.)

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Headquarters Report
  • Convention Oversight Committee Report
  • Campus Organizing Report
  • Ballot Access Report
  • Region 1 Report
  • Region 3 Report
  • Region 4 Report
  • Region 5 Report
  • Region 6 Report
  • Region 7 Report
  • Libertarian Leadership School Guidance Committee Report