LNC Meeting 20-21 November 2010

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The Libertarian National Committee met 20-21 November 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana, with Chair Mark Hinkle presiding and Secretary Alicia Mattson taking minutes.

At this meeting, funding was authorized to assist the New Mexico affiliate with legal expenses, Las Vegas was selected as the site of the 2012 Convention, the members of the Bylaws Committee for that convention were appointed, a resolution was adopted welcoming people from across the political spectrum who now accept libertarian principles, and goals were adopted for the 2010-2012 term.


New Orleans, LA


Minutes of the November 20-21, 2010 LNC Meeting

Reports presented at this meeting

(Unless otherwise noted, copies of these reports may be found in the minutes file.)

  • Staff Reports
  • Campus Organizing Report
  • Region 3 Report
  • Region 5S Report
  • Affiliate Support Committee Report