LNC Meeting 12-13 November 2005

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The Libertarian National Committee met 12-13 November 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland, with Chair Michael Dixon presiding and Secretary Bob Sullentrup taking minutes.

At this meeting, outsourcing of material sales (LPSTUFF.COM) was approved and appointments were made to the Platform and Credentials Committees for the 2006 Convention,


Minutes of the November 12-13, 2005 LNC Meeting

Reports presented at this meeting

(Unless otherwise noted, copies of these reports may be found in the minutes file.)

  • Treasurer's Report
  • Headquarters Report
  • Campus Organizing Report
  • Employment Policy and Compensation Committee Report
  • Ballot Access Report


The LNC meeting of November 2005 was held on Saturday, November 12, and Sunday, November 13. It was held on the JFK room of the Embassy Suites Hotel at the BWI Airport in Baltimore.

One question that kept coming up regarded the chain of command. To this, Cory Shane, acting Chief of Staff and Director of Communications, stated that he reports directly to Michael Dixon, National Chair.

Shane Cory was wearing a yellow tie on Saturday.

Shane Cory demonstrated how the Libertarian Leadership School, an online school system, will function.

Webb Garlinghouse, President of National Electronic Type, Inc., gave a presentation to the LNC explaining what would happen if they choose to export their merchandise to his company for the next five years. Webb Garlinghouse wore a red tie.

The Libertarian Party is also considering exporting their LP News publication. Three presentations, running about fifteen minutes each, were given from three different companies.

J. Daniel Cloud, LP News Editor, was on hand reporting on the LNC meeting, and taking pictures. After the first presentation, Daniel Cloud asked the LNC if he should leave the room, as he stands to profit from the first presenter getting LNC approval, or if he should stay, as he is a writer for the LP News currently. The LNC agreed that he should stay in the room.

The second presenter was Kevin D. Rollins. Like Shane Cory, he wore a yellow tie, however whereas Shane Cory had a white shirt, Kevin Rollins had a dark shirt. Kevin Rollins is also the guy who runs The Free Liberal, which describes itself as a "Left-Libertarian" paper, which brings together perspectives from Classical Liberals and Modern Liberals. Mr. Rollins added that there are Republicans that read this paper as well. It's worth noting that this paper regularly runs articles written by Paul Jacob, and has ran stuff written by Ron Paul as well.

The third presentation was given by a guy with a pony-tail. He mentioned South Park Republicans in his presentation, and said that his version of the LP News would include a section to show how much progress is being made against government, namely how far into or how far out of our pockets and our bedrooms government is.

The food served in the hotel during the lunch break was too expensive for the members of the College Libertarians of Towson that attended.