Joseph Schreiner

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Joseph Schreiner
Joseph Schreiner portrait.jpg
Personal Details
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Party: Libertarian
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Joseph Schreiner, a long-time resident of Chicago, Illinois, has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1991. He has twice been a Libertarian candidate for public office. His first candidacy was for Illinois Secretary of State in 1994. His second candidacy was for state representative of the 19th district of Illinois.

As of 2020, Joseph Schreiner is self-employed as a patent agent and translator with decades of experience in information technology, statistics, medical research and teaching in the corporate, public, consulting, academic and entrepreneurial sectors. He has served on nonprofit boards and alumni committees, and chaired governance and academic guidance committees. He has three master’s degrees: public administration, engineering and psychology.

Platform for 1994 Secretary of State

  • Protecting privacy
  • Allowing private competition to government-run transportation systems
  • Ending the drug war

Platform for 2020 State Representative

  • End the disastrous lockdown, the War on Illinois
  • Allow businesses, schools and houses of worship to reopen without restrictions
  • End the double-standard that enables looting, yet harasses opposition to the lockdown
  • Support law enforcement personnel in their efforts to protect life and property
  • Support citizen self-defense
  • End prosecution of victimless crimes