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Jon Watts
Libertarian Party of Alaska
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details

Jon Watts is the current Chair of the Libertarian Party of Alaska.


Jon Watts is a sincere Libertarian committed to the principles of the Libertarian Party, as set forth in the national and Alaskan Libertarian Party Platform. Jon is a free market individualist in the tradition of Bastiat, de Tocqueville, Jefferson, Locke, Spencer, Hayek, and von Mises. Jon has worked with various liberty-minded organizations in the past and now has found a home with the libertarian movement in general and the Libertarian Party in Alaska. Jon has over 30 years’ experience in the field of education, training, and individual development. He has a master's degree in Management and a bachelor's degree in Occupational Education. Trusted as a fiscal manager; Jon has gained maximum value from multimillion-dollar budgets. Jon is a lifelong learner and has studied an array of subjects including Economics (Austrian and Keynesian), political systems, and classical philosophy. Jon has developed curriculum for the educational development of thousands of individuals. He has been a life coach and educator for disabled individuals to help grow their capacity for independent living. Jon has been an individual and group counselor.

Jon retired from the United States Air Force in 2005 as a Senior Master Sergeant, having served 25 years honorably in such positions as nuclear weapons security, education and training management, Inspector General auditor, First Sergeant, and Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy Honor Guard.

Jon Watts is the Owner and Program Administrator for My Horizon, LLC, a Home and Community Based Disability Waiver Services Agency.

Jon currently resides in North Pole, Alaska. He has lived in Germany, South Dakota, Colorado, California, New York, and Saudi Arabia. He has traveled widely in Europe, the Mideast, and Asia, and is familiar with international relations and cultures.

?Jon is married to Monica, his bride of 20 years and has five children – Joshua, Jessica, Jaquelyn, Jedidiah, and Jillian.