John Pickerill

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John Pickerill
Personal Details
Residence: Pueblo, Colorado
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook

John Pickerill is a Libertarian from Pueblo, Colorado.


John relocated to Pueblo in 2017 from Indiana where he was active in the LP, having established the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County and served as its first chairman. He was a delegate to the 2018 LP National Convention. He has also run for elected office, having been the LP candidate for Indiana House District 41 in 2016 and for Colorado Senate District 3 in 2018. His primary focus as Membership Director is to persuade as many LPCO members as possible to become activists and candidates.


2016 Campaign for Indiana House of Representatives District 41

2018 Indiana House of Representatives District 41 Election[1]
Party Name Percent Votes
Republican Timothy Brown (Incumbent) 69.08% 39,768
Democratic Howard Pollchik 19.56% 5,238
Libertarian John Pickerill 11.36% 3,043

2018 Campaign for Colorado Senate District 3

2018 Colorado Senate District 3 Election[2]
Party Name Percent Votes
Democratic Leroy Garcia Jr. (Incumbent) 73.6% 39,768
Libertarian John Pickerill 26.4% 14,253

2019 Campaign for Libertarian Party of Colorado Membership Director

On March 29, 2019, Pickerill announced his candidacy for Membership Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.[3]

Pickerill was elected on April 28, 2019.