John Mounteer

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John Mounteer
Capital District Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown
Personal Details
Birth: 1954
Residence: Florida
Party: Libertarian Party

John Mounteer was Secretary of the Capital District Libertarian Party in 1995.

Mounteer ran for New York State Assembly District 104 in 1990, receiving 761 votes (1.83%).[1]

1994 LPNY State Convention

In 1994, Mounteer was on the organizing committee for the Libertarian Party of New York's annual convention taking place in Albany.[2] Expecting the normal turnout for the event, Mounteer listed his home phone number on the convention flyer.[2] When radio host Howard Stern announced that he would seek the party's nomination for governor and asked his fans to join the party, LPNY Chair Ludwig Vogel called in to the Howard Stern Show and read Mounteer's phone number off of the convention flyer without warning Mounteer.[2] The Mounteers' home phone line was flooded with calls from Howard Stern listeners and the line eventually went down.[2]

"Running a convention has turned into something no one in the Libertarian Party has ever had to deal with," said Libertarian organizer John Mounteer. "If we get 200 people for a dinner, it's a really good year. But once Howard announced his candidacy, things just broke loose."[3]

Organizational Positions

Capital District Libertarian Party
  • Secretary (1995)


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