John Hjersman

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John Hjersman
Libertarian Party of Colorado
Predecessor: John Flovin
Successor: Incumbent
Libertarian Party of El Paso County
Personal Details
Education: United States Merchant Marine Academy
Occupation: Retired marine engineer
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Party: Libertarian Party

John Hjersman is a retired marine enegieer from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the current Treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Colorado and Libertarian Party of El Paso County. In 2016, John was the Libertarian Party candidate for District 16 of the Colorado House of Representatives.


John is a California native who moved to Nebraska in 1976 at the age of 29. He moved to Colorado in September, 2013. John graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy in 1968 and sailed on cargo vessels as a licensed engineer until his retirement in 2012. The last 34 years of his career, John sailed as Chief Engineer for American President Lines. An instinctive libertarian, it wasn’t until his interest in combating erosions to our Second Amendment rights brought his attention to the existence of the Libertarian Party that he became a member of the party in 2000. John has been Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of El Paso County since early 2015. He has always bristled at seatbelt and helmet laws, although he normally chooses to use them. The heavy hand of government diminishes the quality of lives. Let’s live free.


2016 Colorado House of Representatives District 16 Election
Party Candidate Name Percent Votes
Republican Larry Liston 71.87% 26,225
Libertarian John Hjersman 28.13% 10,262