Jeff Daiell

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Jeff Daiell
Personal Details
Birth: May 24, 1952
Death: September 12, 2021(2021-09-12) (aged 69)
Education: Centenary College
Residence: Houston, Texas
Party: Libertarian Party

Jeff Daiell (May 24, 1952 - September 12, 2021) was a long-time Texas Libertarian activist, writer, and speaker. He authored a controversial short story, To Hell And Back, available on; and a novel, From Roundheel To Revolutionary, is available on Amazon in both e-format and paperback; it deals with a young woman who becomes an advocate of individual Liberty. The Texas Liberty Club, a non-profit organization which donates pro-Liberty books to libraries, added this novel to its list of books to be distributed.

He ran for office four times, has served (2008-2011) on the Texas SLEC, and served as Harris county chair (2004-2006). He held for 28 years the record for most votes for an LP of Texas gubernatorial nominee (over 129k, and still holds the LPTexas record for highest percentage in a gubernatorial race. He once again sought the LPTexas nomination for Governor in 2010.

Jeff was married, with three children and four grandchildren. He was a 1973 graduate of Centenary College (B.A. in Government), he ran his own business, Jeff Daiell Communications. He had a presence on Facebook (both a personal page and page for his business), MySpace, and Twitter (WeAreTexans).

Preceded by:
John E Ford
Libertarian Party of Texas US Senate Candidate
Succeeded by:
Gary Johnson
Preceded by:
Theresa Doyle
Libertarian Party of Texas Gubernatorial Candidate
Succeeded by:
Keary Ehlers
Preceded by:
Les Turlington
Libertarian Party of Texas Gubernatorial Candidate
Succeeded by:
James Werner

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