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Jay Stooksberry
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Libertarian Party of Delta County
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Party: Libertarian Party
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Jay Stooksberry is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delta County.[1] He is also a freelance writer, business owner, and digital marketing consultant.[2] His writing has been published in Newsweek,[3] Reason Magazine,[4] The Denver Post,[5] 5280 Magazine,[6] the Foundation for Economic Education,[7] and Independent Voter Network.[8]
He currently serves on the Planning Commission for the City of Delta.[9] He was also a candidate for the At-Large seat for Delta's City Council in 2018. With 1,518 total votes cast, Stooksberry lost his election bid by a narrow margin of 22 votes, garnering 49.28 percent of the vote.[10]

Stooksberry also serves on several committees for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, including the Platform, Style, and Media Action Committees.