Jay Stooksberry

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Jay Stooksberry
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Libertarian Party of Delta County
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party
Website: www.jaystooksberry.com
Twitter: [@jaystooksberry Twitter]
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Jay Stooksberry was the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delta County.[1] He is also a freelance writer, business owner, and digital marketing consultant.[2] His writing has been published in Newsweek,[3] Reason Magazine,[4] The Denver Post,[5] 5280 Magazine,[6] the Foundation for Economic Education,[7] and Independent Voter Network.[8]
He currently serves on the Planning Commission for the City of Delta.[9] He was also a candidate for the At-Large seat for Delta's City Council in 2018. With 1,518 total votes cast, Stooksberry lost his election bid by a narrow margin of 22 votes, garnering 49.28 percent of the vote.[10]

Stooksberry also serves on several committees for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, including the Platform, Style, and Media Action Committees.

Stooksberry unaffiliated with the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Colorado in 2021.