Jami Van Alstine

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Jami Van Alstine
District 13 Rep
Libertarian Party of Michigan
Predecessor: Breanna Arold
Personal Details
Birth: 1974
Party: Libertarian Party
Twitter: Twitter
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Jami Van Alstine is a Historical Archaeologist and anarchist who has a career in Information Technology. She is a second generation libertarian, but only joined the Libertarian Party of Michigan in 2018 when she decided to serve as the social media account manager for Bill Gelineau's campaign for Governor of Michigan. In 2020, Jami ran for a Wayne County Commission seat for District 11, even while losing to the Democrat incumbent she garnered the most votes to date of any Libertarian candidate for a county commission seat in Michigan's history (2020). She is currently serving on the state LEC and chairing the Campaign Support Committee, as well as her ongoing efforts at raising a third generation of libertarians.

Jami Van Alstine was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of Wayne County (Michigan) at the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Michigan Conventions.

Organizational Positions


  • Wayne County Commission, District 13 (2020)
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