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J.P. Wilson
York County Libertarian Party
October 24, 2018—June 12, 2019
Predecessor: Michael Wegner
Successor: Chris Corrado
State Committee Representative
York County Libertarian Party
June 12, 2019—November 12, 2019
Predecessor: Don Bivens
Successor: Don Bivens
Personal Details
Birth: (1999-05-21) May 21, 1999 (age 24)
Residence: York, SC
Party: Libertarian Party (2016-2019)

Independent (2019-Present)

John Paden ("J.P.") Wilson was a Libertarian activist who served as the Secretary and later as the State Committee Representative from the York County Libertarian Party (South Carolina). He was a founding member of the South Carolina branch of the Libertarian Youth Caucus, and was part of its expansion to three active caucuses in the state, eventually being elected to the position of National Caucus Chair. He first became active in the LP during his senior year of High School as part of the Gary Johnson Campaign for President. He has been active in his native South Carolina Libertarian Party as well as the Libertarian Party of Florida.

Wilson is a Christian and an ardent non-aggressionist. He considers his main influences to be Leo Tolstoy, Murray Bookchin, Henry David Thoreau, and Abdullah Öcalan. Wilson left the Libertarian Party in November of 2019.

Organizational Positions