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STATE: Rhode Island


We understand that as an affiliate State Libertarian Party we will have the right to use the name Libertarian Party and the Party's symbol and slogan. The National Office of the Libertarian Party will furnish us with names of persons from this state inquiring about or joining the Libertarian Party.

We further understand that we will be totally responsible for the organization and maintenance of this State Party in accordance with its Constitution and/or By-Laws as well as the recruitment within the state of Party members.

We hereby certify that if recognized by the National Libertarian Party as an affiliate, we will not endorse or in any other manner support, any candidates running in opposition to the National Libertarian Party's nominees for President and Vice President of the United States. We also certify that we have endorsed in open convention the national Party's Statement of Principles and will take no stands that are inconsistent therewith.

In affirmation whereof, we the State Party's officers duly elected in open convention in accordance with the State Constitution and/or By-Laws submitted herewith, affix our signatures. [1]

  1. Illegible, Chair
  2. Elizabeth Behrman, Vice-Chair
  3. Jeff Friedman, Secretary
  4. Illegible, Treasurer
  5. R. Allan Bowden
  6. David J. Rearden
  7. C. Carry Brenlen
  8. David Briden
  9. Louis Burgarell
  10. Illegible

(To be signed by the State Officers and other State Party witnesses bringing the total to ten)

  1. Note: some signatures are not fully legible, please note in the discussion page if you can identify any of them. Only certain names are hot-linked.