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Agenda for July 7th FLP SC meeting
8:00 Chairman’s Remarks
8:10 Quorum Count
8:15 Secretary’s Report
    Approval of minuets as published
8:20 Treasurer’s Report
1) Convention Committee report. A. D’Orazio
2) IT Transition committee Report A. Kolstee
3) Final reports from Division Directors (as per Chairman’s Remarks)
4) Discussion on DBA
5) Motion on DBA
6) Discussion on Bylaws Articles
         a) Striking Article 8
         b) Inserting new Article dealing with Restrictions on Expenditure of Funds
         c) Change terminology
7) Motion on 3 bylaws amendments
        a) Motion to Strike Article 8
        b) Motion to Insert a new Article dealing with restrictions on Expenditure of Funds
        c) Motion to use alternate terminology for officers
Old Business
New Business
10:00 Adjournment

Agenda Item


Several weeks ago I sent two files containing Bylaws amendment suggestions. One was in color with red strickout and CAPITALIZED additions. The other file was a condensed version if all of the changes suggested were incorporated. I have attached them again to this email for your convenience and purusal.

While there are many topics that need to be discussed and resolved,  time will be set aside at this meeting to have discussions on these three Bylaws amendments/topics.

1)  Article 8: Endorsements – I would like to have a motion passed to strike this entire article from the Bylaws.

2) I would like to have Article 8 replaced with the following:

Article 8: Expenditure of funds. (This text is slightly different from the suggested Article 8 shown in the files attached.)

Article 8:  1) The DBA State Council shall not allocate or expend funds for the support of any candidate that is not currently an enrolled member of the Libertarian Party and has not been an enrolled member of the Libertarian Party for at least one year prior to becoming an endorsed Libertarian candidate.

Article 8: 2). The DBA State Council shall have the authority to authorize the expenditure of funds to support and to run public awareness campaigns of Libertarian solutions to issues of concern to registered Libertarian voters in New York State.

3) I would like to have a discussion concerning the desirability of changing the use of term in the Bylaws:

“Chairman” to “President”

“Vice Chairman” to “Vice President”

“Representative” at Large to “Regional Representative”

“State Committee” to “State Council” or to “Board of Directors”

“Chapter” to “Club”