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Minutes of the Meeting of the
Libertarian Party National Committee
December 11 - 12, 1993
Rosslyn Westpark Hotel
Arlington, VA
1. Called to order at 9:00 AM by Chairman Steve Dasbach 

2. Announcements Dasbach 

11: 30 Lunch for National Committee and Convention Oversight Committee at Hyatt Capitol Hill Hotel plus tour of hotel. FEE enterprises to present proposal at lunch .

Virginia LP sponsoring a "Turkish Dinner" Saturday evening, and offering tickets at cost to the LNC.

3. Credentials Famularo


Steve Dasbach Chairman James Dan Region 1

Karen Allard Vice-Chairman Bill Evers Region 2

John Famularo Secretary Thea McLean Region 2

Hugh Butler Treasurer Joe Hauptman Region 3

Sharon Ayres At Largre Gary Ilardi Region 4

Ron Crickenberger At Large Dan Karlan Region 5

Don Ernsberger At Large Joseph Brennan Region 6

Gary Johnson At Large Robert H. Franke Region 7

Joe Barnett Region 8


Jesse Markowitz Region 5

Tom Paswater Region 8 

4. Report on NAFTA resolution Mail Ballot Famularo

11 yea to 1 nay 

5a. Approval of LNC September 1, 1993 meeting minutes

Minutes of September 1, 1993 Salt Lake City Meeting submitted by the prior Secretary

Motion to postpone approval to Sunday morning passed on voice vote without objection. 

5b. Approval of LNC September 5, 1993 meeting minutes

Minutes of September 5, 1993 Salt Lake City Meeting submitted by John Famularo

correction on page 1 section 1 LNC met at the Salt Palace not the Marriot Hotel. 

6. Setting of the Agenda.

Comment for the minutes by Don Ernsberger:

"This is first LNC meeting in the last 12 - 15 years where a group offered to host the meeting where the LP ended up paying for the rental of the room where the meeting was held. Traditionally a bid for the meeting means that the hosting group takes care of the cost of the room. We should make a note for the future that when a group requests to host the LNC meeting, it is assumed that they book and pay for the room." 

Dasbach explained that he requested the room and that it was not a formal bid from the local Virginia group, regardless of the wording of the Sept 5th minutes. 

Discussion of the procedure for assembling, approving and, distribution of the LNC meeting packet including addenda, reports, resolutions etc. The procedure used for this meeting was at variance with the method used in the past few years. There is no official procedure in the policy manual. Future procedure to be resolved. 

Addenda was revised as follows

7a Organization Area Report

7b Ballot Access Report Redpath

8 Chairs Report Dasbach

9 Executive Committee Report Dasbach

10 Financial Report Butler

11 Headquarters Report Willis

12 Policy Manual Revisions Dasbach

13 Organizational Structure Dasbach

14 Presentation of proposed budget Dasbach

15 Convention Oversight Committee Karlan

16 moved to item 26.

17 Development Area Report Ayres

18 Director of Comm. Report Winter

19 Marketing Area Report

19a Lp News

20 APRC Report Evers

22 Campaign '93 - '94 Report Crickenberger

23 Regional Reports Regional Reps

24 1993 Budget Amendments Dasbach

25 Adoption of 1994 Budget Dasbach

26 Additional Appointments Dasbach

26a Resolution on Nutritional Supplements Evers

27 Future Meetings Butler

28 Package discounts for LNC meetings

Addenda approved on voice vote without objection 

7. Check of paperwork


7a and 20 Organization Area report

8 Chairs report

9 Executive committee minutes

Discussion as to the timeliness of the Executive committee reports

10 Budget and reverse side of DC proposal

11 Headquarters report

11a Procedure manual

12 Changes to policy manual

13 Organizational structure

14 Proposed budget

15a Report of the national convention

17 Development area report

18 Director of communications report

19 Marketing area

20 Field organizing

22 Campaign 94/96

23 Regional reports

25 Proposed budget

27 DC proposal

28 Carlson travels

Sunday items

Sept 1st 1993 minutes 

7a Ballot Access Allard/Redpath 

Discussion of ballot access organization and new BAC chair if Redpath will run for federal office: North Carolina ballot access law suit in process.

Richard Winger is financing our 1994 ballot drive in Wyoming at a cost of approx $10,000. We will reimburse him if we don't have to petition in 1996.

Project 51-96 assisting Arizona. Budget at least $1 per signature for paid petitioners. Dean Ahmad of Maryland says they have .50 - .60 per signature experience. He asked the BAC reconsider his $5,000 proposal for ballot status for MD in 1994.

Richard Winger believes that ballot access is vulnerable in every state depending on various conditions such as candidate availability, state organizations as well as signature requirements.

Regional reps should check on their State Chairs to make sure that they are complying with all the requirements to maintain achieve and maintain ballot status. State chairs should check with state and local boards of election. Get copies of the state election codes. 

8 Chairs Report Dasbach

The short term "Financial disaster" has been averted.

We should concentrate on fixing the long term problems vs continuing with a band aide approach. Our emphasis going into the next year is fixing the headquarters by staffing it properly and making sure that the proper functions are performed. We must get out capacities and expectations in line. 

We will concentrate on development in general and membership growth in particular.

Also emphasis on:

Increasing conversion rate of inquiries to members from below 10% to 15% or 20%

Reducing member attrition rate

Reinstatement of lapsed members

Conversion of Subscribers to Members

Outreach to build membership

Our membership base provides the resources for ballot access and other activities. 

Discussion on actual inquiry conversion rate. Agreement that the rate varies by type of inquiry, C-SPAN may be in the 10% range but the average is more like 4%.

We need a system to track these figures more easily and accurately. There is a pending project request in the Development area to add this facility.

We should improve the quality of the 800 info-pak, and the follow-up cycle.

The inventory of old info-paks that had postage applied are being returned to the Post Office for credit. We have new temporary improved info-pak that is sent out when people call the headquarters. This temporary info-pak is also sent to 800 callers some time after the initial reply. After the old info-paks run out, they will be replaced by a newly deigned one. 

Discussion on revision of the "Organizations of Interest to Libertarians"

Discussion of goal of 10,000 new members. Dasbach says that goal could be achieved if we can realize the New Hampshire experience country wide, but we are budgeting revenue on the basis of recent experience. 

Discussion as to the rationale for distributing to the LNC the letters pertaining to the resignation of the former director. 

9 Executive Committee Reports Famularo

moved to second item on Sunday. 

Recessed for Lunch at 11:30, then LNC proceeded to Hyatt Capitol Hill Hotel to a complementary lunch and tour of the facilities. During lunch, Don Ernsberger made the presentation of the FEE bid for the DC site for the 1996 LP convention.

Meeting resumed at the Rosslyn Westpark Hotel at 3:25 pm 

Motion to take item 15 out of order passed without objection. 

15 Convention Oversight Committee Karlan 

A. Dallas , TX Convention proposal was presented by Kathy Guire of PACE ENTERTAINMENT CORP.

B. Oakland, CA Convention proposal was presented for Coleen Lang by Dan Karlan 

C. 1993 Convention Report received from Joe Dehn.

List of registered delegates has been forwarded to Bob Waldrop.

Discussion of what to do about finalizing obligations between the LP and Morning Glory Productions. Convention oversight committee will work out final accounting with Bob Waldrop.

Motion to accept 1993 Convention Report accepted without objection.

C. Convention oversight committee report

Oakland eliminated for being too late, and remaining two bids were both considered good. COC unanimously recommends Dallas bid.

Motion to accept Dallas bid

Discussion as to reason for decision.

a. Dallas more likely to attract libertarians

b. Ability to produce a convention that will attract Libertarians.

c. Media market is not an issue, they will come if they feel we are news worthy.

d. We have not been to the South in a while.

e. Dallas should be cheaper

Evers moves to substitute DC proposal. 

Discussion on Dallas vs. DC. Location, media, cost, conflict of interest discussed, preparation and experience were discussed. Dallas might be lower cost and better environment. Evers argued that the Washington Post is one of a few national addenda setting newspapers.. Decision to seat Kathy Guire at table. Hugh Butler raised the issue of the national identity of the Party. Steve Dasbach said that potential conflict of interest is covered in the Policy Manual in section I.2.

Motion to close debate was accepted without objection.

Roll call vote requested by Mr Evers.

Ayes Nay Abstaining

1 Sharon Ayres 1 Joe Hauptman 1. Don Ernsberger

2 Karen Allard 2 Dan Karlan 2. John Famularo

3 James Dan 3 Joe Barnett

4 Williamson Evers 4 Ron Crickenberger

5 Thea McLean 5 Gary Johnson

6 Robert Franke

7 Gary Illardi

8 Joe Brennan Not Voting

9 Hugh Butler 1. Steve Dasbach 

Motion to substitute passed 9 to 5 with 2 abstentions and 1 not voting. 

Motion to accept 1995 DC proposal accepted on voice vote 

Hugh Butler proposed and the LNC accepted by acclamation the following: 

"Thanks to Bob Waldrop and Morning Glory Productions for their past service to the Party and to the State of Texas for its bid."

Karen Allard assumes Chair: 

Motion by Sharon Ayres to :

A Eliminate the $15 "franchise fee" as specified in section 13, paragraph 1 of the 1993 MGP convention contract .

B Eliminate ability of the LNC to unilaterally change the site or time of the convention as specified in section 1. 

Discussion on the motion. History and purpose of the franchise fee. Delegates can not be charged for business session. Opportunities for LP fund raising. Variations on profit sharing. 

Dasbach resumes as Chair. 

Mr. Evers calls the question.

Motion passes on voice vote 

10 Financial Report Butler 

The Treasurer has two charges :

1. To insure the financial functioning of the Party is proper.

2. To insure our relationship with the FEC

We were in a financial crisis in September but over the next few months due to a focused effort by the Headquarters staff and the Executive committee we increased income during the transition period to meet our increased expenses. Focus has been to control expenses since the October 16th budget meeting where we were projecting a $17,000 deficit for 1993.

Performance level at this time looks like we will have a positive cash balance by the end of 1993. 1992 was budgeted for a $95,000 loss and ended with a $7,000 loss. The Party has made a transition from "survival" or "reaction mode" to "growth mode". In growth mode there are different dangers. This administration has recognized this and is moving to do the following:

1. Budget funds to have sufficient staff for future projects.

2. Project materials should be paid for and in place before being offered.

3. Office Systems must be changed into a more integrated system which will take money and time but will ultimately pay off in more efficient operations.

4. Since we should not borrow money to improve our infrastructure, we need to develop cash surpluses in various accounts to fund internal development.

5. As a non profit organization we should grow by establishing "Trust funds" for different projects.

6. Any excess funds available at year end will be put into an account that will be used to fund other projects with the stipulation that the first revenues on those projects be used to replenish the fund, so that funds will be available for the next project.

7. Pre-plan projects on both a cash and personnel time basis. 

Discussion on trust fund accounting.

There may be some opportunities to segregate bank accounts under the FEC regulations to allow for soliciting funds separately into Candidate financing , Political operations and a "Building Fund". It is not absolutely certain that we can take advantage of thing like this but it should be researched. 

Discussion on the FEC reporting requirements. Theoretically every financial transaction may be rquired to be disclosed to the FEC on a regular basis: 

1. Every 6 months in a non federal election year

2. Every 3 months in a federal election year

3. Every month if activity goes over $200,000

4. Everyone who gives $200 or more in any quarter must be reported by name, occupation, and employer and date and amount of contribution.

5. Constuctive receipt of each contribution is when it is transferred from the donor to an agent of the Party, not when it is received at the Headquarters. 

Estimated personnel hours to prepare the FEC reports has been over 100 hours of the directors time not including other staff or the Treasurer.

Discussion on headquarters FEC procedures, potential for corporate contributions.

19a LP News Randy Langhenry

Randy will be moving to Gainsville Georgia in the near future. This will not affect the LP News which will still be printed and mailed from Martinsberg WVa. Budget for 1994 should be the same as 1993. Discussion of advertising acceptance policy and advertising rates.

11a Headquarters report Willis 

Discussion of current environment at headquarters and problems of transition.

Discussion of priority of the executive committee. Dasbach say that the priority is to get out of our "Crisis Mode" so that the loss of no single employee would critically interrupt headquarters operation and that we would have time to perform an orderly search for a replacement. 

Recessed at 6:10 Pm 

Resumed at 9:00 Am Sunday 

5a Approval of September 1, 1993 LNC minutes.

This item was rescheduled from Saturday.

Motion to approve minutes was passed without objection. 

11b Procedure Manual Famularo

Discussion of need for documented procedures and personnel schedules in order to get control of the headquarters operation. Discussion of lack of liability insurance coverage for the Party and the headquarters and the lapsed status of our corporate status. Party may have to reincorporated in order to be insurable. Dave Jenkins of the Delaware Libertarian Party and a partner in a Delaware Corporation law office has agreed to handle the incorporation process for out of pocket costs, waving any legal fees. the out of pocket costs will run less than $400. Presentation of the following resolution: 

Whereas, the Libertarian Party Headquarters (LPHQ) is currently operating in "emergency mode", which means that only hour to hour scheduling is possible, with extraordinary resources being expended to maintain operations. Any one of a number of possible events could make the LPHQ unmanageable, and even put the LP out of business altogether. 

Resolved that the highest priority of the Executive Committee and the Director should be to put the LPHQ into a "normal mode'. Normal mode being defined as where the LP and the LPHQ are operating in a secure, documented mode and where month to month operation of the standard functions is possible by the office staff without the detail intervention of the director. Basic office procedures should be documented to a sufficient degree to allow for an orderly transfer of responsibility to a new office manager if the existing office manager is not available to aid in the transition. 

Resolved that In order to establish a target date for achieving normal mode the executive committee and the Director agree to adopt the following schedule:

A. Dec 12 LNC grants the Director the budgetary and executive authority he requires to execute this plan. 

B. Jan 3 Director publishes current working plan outline and confirms scheduled dates for steps C and D. 

C. Feb 28 Director publishes detail plan and dates for steps E and F. 

D. Apr 16 Director reports that the basic LPHQ structure secured:

- minimum necessary personnel, equipment, software in place.

- written procedures for backup and recovery of essential records.

- materials and records inventoried.

- adequate insurance for liability, equipment, personnel and assets.

-office manager hired. 

E. Apr 16 Basic month to month functions under the control of the office manager with adequate written procedures:

- daily cash receipts, deposits.

- member database updates and accounting updates.

- other receipts and disbursements and accounting updates.

- daily/weekly/monthly/ quarterly reports.

- labels and lists for states, LP news, and fund raising mailings.

- project management and procedures update functions. 

F. Aug 20 Orderly replacement of the office manager possible.

- cross training of LPHQ personnel

- contingency plans documented and tested.

Discussion on resolution. Joe Brennan explained that he had been on the board of a non-profit corporation where the board members did not have Directors and Officers liability insurance and were held liable by the IRS for actions of their Executive Director. 1994 budget will be adjusted to include funds for insurance and incorporation. 

Evers makes a motion to amend resolution to make dates firm as opposed to approximate. Discussion on dates.

Motion is passed without objection. 

James Dan makes a motion to add an item B1 with a date of Jan 15th for completion of the investigation into incorporation and Directors insurance with a recommendation. 

Discussion on motion. Motion fails on voice vote. 

Main motion as amended passes without objection. 

Approval of Sept 1 1993 minutes moved, seconded, and approved without objection. 

12 Policy Manual Revisions Dasbach Ayres Karlan

1. Motion to Delete I. Section 1. MISSION

passed with no objection.

2. Motion to Replace Article I. Section 2.C with the following: 

Members of the LNC shall not be registered to vote in another political party or be a member of any political party other than Libertarian Party. 

Mr. Evers Motion to close debate failed on voice vote.

Mr. Crickenbergers Motion to amend after LNC "in those states that allow Libertarian Party registration", failed on voice vote. 

Original motion fails on voice vote

Division called by Mr. Evers. Passed 9 to 7

3. Motion to Replace Article I Section 3C with the following: 

The LNC adopts the Statue of Liberty as the appropriate graphic symbol to be used on Party materials..

Passed on voice vote. 

4. Motion to Replace Article I Section 4 with the following: 

Members of the LNC, and employees of the Party, may not attempt to involve government regulatory agency in disputes between individuals or organizations, unless such action constitutes legal defense against force or fraud. 

Mr Evers offers an amendment by substitution.


Mr Butler moves to table the motion until the April meeting

Passed on voice vote.

5. Motion to Replace Article II. MEMBERSHIP with the following: 

Section I. MEMBERSHIP STATEMENT. Membership forms produced by the LNC shall include a membership statement that meets the requirements of Article 7, Section 1 of the Party Bylaws. Any new wording for the membership statement shall be subject to the same review process as all other Party Literature. A list of wordings which have been approved for use in Party literature shall be maintained at the National office. 

Section 2. DUES. For the purposes of determining delegate apportionment and eligibility to hold Party office under Article 7, Section 3 of the Party Bylaws, a member's dues shall be considered current if:

1. he/she has contributed at least $25 to the National Party during the preceding 12 months ;or

2. an affiliate party has collected $10 from the member on behalf of the Party and forwarded it to the National office during the preceding 12 months ; or

3. he/she is a life member of the Party. 


A member who contributes $1000 during any-twelve month period shall be granted life membership in the Party. Also, honorary life membership may be granted by a two thirds vote of the LNC. 

Section 4. NON-MEMBER CONTRIBUTORS. Non-member contributors shall be provided all benefits provided to members, except for those rights specifically granted only to members by the Party Bylaws or this Policy Manual. 

Section 5. BENEFITS. Current members and contributors shall receive the Party's newsletter (currently LP NEWS ). Members shall receive a membership packet and a membership card annually. 

Section 6. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS. The Development Area Manager shall establish premium membership levels, including the contributions required for each level and the benefits received. 

Mr. Ernsberger proposes an amendment to Section 5 to strike the word annually and

insert the words " within one month after joining the LP " 

Discussion. passed on voice vote. 

Motion to insert "Membership Dues of $25" (recording tape change here followed by excessive background noise ) Passed by voice vote. 

Mr Evers moves to accept items 6 through 19 except for 16.

6. In Article III section I. C. I., replace the word "with" with the words "to the". 

7. Delete the last sentence of Article III Section 2 P. 

8. Delete Article III Section 2 G. 

9. Delete Article III Section 3 B. 

10. Replace the last sentence of Article III Section 3 C with the following:

Persons permitted to sign will include only the officers, the National Director, and those headquarters staff members designated by the joint decision of the Chair and the Treasurer. 

11. In Article IV Section I. B. (2), replace "nd" with "and" 

12. Delete Article IV Section 4. BONUS PLAN 

13. Move Article V. Section I to Article I section 1; Incorporate Article V Section 2 into revised Article VII (see below); Delete Article V. PROCEDURES 

14. In the second sentence of Article VI Section 1. change 

" . . . the stewardship responsibility toward our contributors funds." To read:

" . . . the fiduciary duty of the Party to its contributors'." 

15. In Article VI Section I. A.: Delete the following words from the first sentence

"It is the LNC's intention that . . . " 

17. Replace the first sentence of Article VI Section 4. C. with the following: 

C. Travel by officers at Party expense must be for the explicit purpose of conducting Party business. Such business travel must be deemed necessary and approved by the Chair, in writing, or by the LNC. 

18. Delete Article VI Section 4 B 

19. Delete the word "resolved" in Article VI Section 5. 

Passed on voice vote 

16. Motion to amend Article VI Section 4.A, by removing the initials 'LP' from in front of the words Chair, Treasurer, and Director. In the fourth sentence , replace the initials "LP" with the word "Party's". 

Mr. Karlan moves to amend by adding "remove the term "LNC" in the second sentence" Passed on voice vote.

Main motion passes on voice vote. 

20. Motion to replace Article VI Section 6 with Article VII Section 4B.

Motion passes on voice vote


Motion tabled 

22. Motion to replace Article VIII Section 1B (1) with the following: 

(1) The LP News is distributed to three major groups: Party members, contributors, and prospective members. The LP News shall address itself primarily to Party members and its role shall be complementary to other publications within the libertarian movement. 

Discussion as to purpose of the LP News

Failed by show of hands 8 to 7 

23. Motion to Delete Article VIII Section 1B (7)

Passed without objection. 

24. Motion to delete Article VIII Section 2

Moved to postpone until April meeting

Passed on without objection. 

25. Motion to delete Article VIII Section 3

Passed without objection.

26. Delete Article VIII Section 4

Discussion. Passed without objection.

Mr Evers moves to accept items 27 through 31

27. In Article IX Section 3, delete the reference to John Conyers and the bill number so that sentence reads: "The Libertarian Party pledges its full and unqualified support in the effort to pass a Fair Elections bill into law. The Party shall maintain . . . " 

28. Replace the text of Article X Section I with the following: 

A, PROPOSAL A detailed proposal specifying the purpose, means personnel, and objectives proposed for the project or task force must be prepared in writing and approved by the National Chair and by all area managers that will be involved in the project. 

B. PROJECT DIRECTOR The Chair shall appoint a project director who will be responsible for the final development and execution of the project or task force. 

C. BUDGET: A budget for the project or task force must be approved by the Chair and by any area manager whose budget funds will finance the project. If previously unbudgeted funds in excess of the Chair's discretionary funds are needed, the approval of the LNC is required. 

29. Replace "Libertarian Party" (and "National Libertarian Party") throughout the document with "Party", except for the use of those words on the title page and their first use under the General Policy heading. 

30. Replace "Natcom" and "National Committee" throughout the document with LNC, except for the first use of the words "Libertarian National Committee" 

31. Replace "State LP" with Affiliate Party throughout. 

Motion passes without objection. 

Motion to extend time for Mr. Crickenbergers amendment to the policy manual.

Motion passes on show of hands. 

Motion to amend Article V to add as Section 2. A. 

A. Each area of the agenda shall be assigned the following document designations: 

Organizational matters A and the #'s 1 through 9

Administration area B and the #'s 10 through 19

Development area C and the #'s 20 through 29

Organizing area D and the #'s 30 through 39

Budget E and the #;s 40 through 49

Other business G and the #'s 50 through 59 

B. Area managers will assign a specific number as a permanent document designation number for each of the reports submitted through their area. 

C. All LNC reports submitted shall include in their upper right hand corner:

1. agenda letter and document number.

2. the meeting date.

3. the area and sub-area titles.

4. a brief description of the document. 

Ms Allard assumes Chair

Motion fails on voice vote

Mr Dasbach resumes Chair 

Mr Johnson moves to change "He/she and His/Hers" to "He or She and His or Hers" throughout the Policy manual.

Motion passed on voice vote. 

Recessed at 10:30 am, reconvened at 11:30 am. 

17 Development area report Ayres 

18 Director of Communication Report Winter 

Evolution of "Project Healthy Choice"

We must define ourselves by what we do not just by what we say. 

Mr Evers proposed the following resolution:

"Whereas , Project Healthy Choice is a high quality initiative, presenting a libertarian alternative on health policy to policy makers in the news media and the general public. 

Whereas, Project Healthy Choice also serves to internally educate LP members on a major matter on the public agenda. 

Whereas, Michael Tanner did an excellent job of preparing and advancing this project. 

Therefor be it resolved that the Libertarian National Committee express its appreciation to Michael Tanner for his outstanding and timely performance. 

Resolution passed without objection. 

Discussion on costs to produce "Project Heathy Choice"

Printing materials $2,500

Print and mail fund raising letter $6,500 

Discussion on status of Shadow Cabinet.

Reduced activity due to higher priorities in recent months. Activity will increase in the future, although original expectations may never be achieved. The additional complexity of issuing a Shadow Cabinet press release causes it to take twice as long to produce than an internal LP release. 8 to 10 hours versus 4 hours. Mr. Evers offered to work with Mr. Winter and the Chair to increase utilization of the Shadow Cabinet members. 

Discussion on recording and budgeting personnel time expended as well as funds expended for future projects. 

Mr, Winter is redoing all the literature and changing the image of the LP materials. 

19 Marketing Area Report Clark


19b Organizations of interest to Libertarians Evers 

Discussion on organizations included, Particularly the inclusion of "Libertarians for Life" as the first organization.

Motion to delete "Libertarians for Life" on future printing.


Ms Allard assumes Chair

Motion by Mr. Dasbach to Amend by substitution to delete all "Other Organizations of Interest to Libertarians" on the back page. Passed on voice vote.

Main motion passed without objection.

Dasbach resumes Chair

20 APRC Report Evers

APRC has reviewed the regular literature of the Party and has found no significant problems. Some dismay that Project Health Choice did not go through the APRC although there was no problem with the material. The APRC would like to receive material in its final form for review, and recommends that the APRC only be responsible for approving or not approving materials in their final form. 

Mr Evers supplied a list of acceptable versions of the membership certification.

22 Organizing area Allard 

Field organizing.

Budget cut from 43K to 14K

Joe Knight options are:

1 Continue with spring tour with modifications

2 Stay in house and concentrate in W. Va and area Campuses

Marti Stoner as scheduler will be terminated as of Dec 31st 

Campaign 93-94 Report Crickenberger

John Reda asked to address the committee.

He lost race for mayor of Elsmere, DE by 36 votes. He appreciates the support given by the National LP. He will be running for the DE state house. 

Discussion on level of technology to be used in future races:

enhanced voter profile

automated phone calls for evaluating candidates

Discussion of adequate funding for new candidates.

New Hampshire reps will be running only as libertarians next time. 

Ernsberger proposed a 1994 budget of $1700 plus 26 Bill Winter hours for the following:

1. Contact candidates for house and senate races.

2. Provide candidates with literature samples, FEC guidelines, etc.

3. Contact all national organizations that do candidate rating.

4. Plug LP candidates into Project Vote Smart 800 number system. 


Motion passed on voice vote. 

Motion to take item 24 out of sequence was passed on voice vote. 

24 1993 Budget Amendments and item 14 Dasbach 

Paid staff to budget to $185,400

Gene Cisewski 90 day termination expenses estimated as $9k salary + $2000 expenses

Accounting temp 17.50 per hour

Stuart Reges consulting fee $90 per hour.

Executive Committee to make necessary adjustments. 

24a Review year of 1993 Ernserger 

Discussion of membership level. Renewal figures down.

National not seen as a partner by the states but as a competitor.

Discussion of fund raising letter continuity, and member surveys, dues sharing.

first year vs subsequent year renewals. 

25 Adoption of 1994 Budget Dasbach

Discussion of executive committee budget meeting in Washington, DC on October 16 - 17. foundation for initial budget. Two revisions since then. 


Direct mail from 220,000 to 207,000

11 letters @ 20, 000 each to 9 letters at 23,000

Member services 0 to 31,000

Regular Renewals 111,000 to 130,000

Dues via affiliates 30,000 to 27,000

Renew lapsed members 0 to 7,000

Total Development 711,000 to 752.000

Literature Sales 28,000 to 25,000

Total Revenue to 792,000 


Equipment 15,000 to 24,000

Misc Office Tasks 13,000 to 15,000

Paid staff 175,500 to 222,000

Administration to 314,600

Direct Mail 82,000 to 75,000

12 at 6800 to 11 at 6800

Membership services 0 to 7000

Literature Sales 25,000 to 27,500

Total Marketing 116,500 to 119,000

Local Organizing 43,000 to 14,000

Total Organizing 142,500 to 113,500

Total Expense to 784,400 

Projected 25,000 Year end surplus will be carried as:

Operating Balance 10,000

Contingency Fund 15,000 

Budget priorities are to:

Fix our office systems so that we are not operating in "crisis mode"

Ability to complete projects on a timely basis .

Membership growth. 

Discussion of budget items and rationale.

1994 budget approved on voice vote without objection. 

27 Future Meetings of the LNC

Mr Butler proposes the following resolution.

1. WHEREAS, the Libertarian National committee (LNC) acts as the Board of Directors representing the members of the Libertarian Party, among which responsibilities are

oversight of the staff and operations at the National Office; and, 

2. WHEREAS, 3 times yearly the Director of the National Office (DNO) is required to report to the LNC; and, 

3. NOTWITHSTANDING the desire expressed often by many LNC members past and present that these meetings be hold in support of local Party affiliates, it is the sense of the LNC that such support is inadequate and improperly timed when meetings and travel generally consume an the time of the LNC participants; and, 

4. IN AS MUCH AS the critical focus of the LNC must be directed towards the National Office, its proper functioning, and effective management; 

5. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the LNC shall seek no bids for local party sponsorship of LNC meetings following the Kansas City invitation already scheduled for April, 16 - 17, 1994; and, 

6. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that any further invitations received must be sponsored by at least 2 (two) LNC members acting in that capacity at a regular or special meeting of the LNC who will present competing reasons for acceptance of such invitation and THAT a majority vote of those present shall e sufficient to accept such an invitation; but, 

7. THAT IT BE UNDERSTOOD that the LNC prefers to meet in the Washington, D.C. area where the members can more efficiently and effectively carry out their primary duties, namely the conduct and oversight of the Party's business from a National perspective. 

Discussion of motion.

Motion passes on show of hands. 

26 Appointments Dasbach 

1. National Director

Motion to appoint Perry Willis as National Director


Motion passes without objection. 

2. Convention Oversight Committee

Nomination to fill vacancy on the COC..

Marsha Butler passed without objection.

3. Auditor

Allow the Executive Committee to confirm appointment.

carried by voice vote. 

23 Regional Reports 

Region 1 James Dan

a. Regional Clubs forming

b. Dues sharing considerations

c. Coordination with student groups 

Region 2 Thea McLean

a. Newsletter "Liberty Bell" on bi-monthly basis

b. Membership down

c. New State Committee

d. Candidate training manuals

e. Hawaii has 60 members with public monthly meetings and press releases 

Region 3 Joe Hauptman

a. IN building for ballot status race

b. States view National as a competitor.

c. Offers state membership and LP News subscription. 

Region 4 Gary Ilardi

a. AL Jimmy Blake elected to birmingham city council.

b. FL attorney Dan Walker involved with FL, GA Ballot access

c. Anger over moving 1996 Convention.

d. Problems with the RLC.

e. Must be registered Libertarian in FL to vote for officers

Region 5 Dan Karlan

a. Regional conference held November 6th.

b. Candidates seminar set up with Sal Gazetta for April 29th, 30th and May 1st.

c. Communications with National needs to be imporoved.

d. PA convention set for March 12-13

e. NJ producing libertarian round table vidoes for local cable and broadcast. 

Region 6 Joe Brennan

a. CT will field 30 candidates in 94 have ballot access in four districts

b. ME no report

c. MA involved in initiatives with other organizations, term limits, rent control, state income tax. Planning to run full slate in 1994. Needs 3% of vote for ballot status.

d. NH has 3,500 registered libertarians

e RI publishes regular newsltetter, trying to reorganize party.

f VT no active members.

g. NY first libertarian elected in Woodstock, cross endorsed as Republican. Joe Brennan ran for Mayor of New York, got 3000 signitures for $800. Doubled state membership.


Region 7 Bob Franke

a. No communication with ND, NE, KS, IA

b. MN Active in alternate health plan

c. MO Jeanne Bojarski coordinating region 7 state chairs

d. IL membership stabilized and growing, Congressional District Chairmen training

Region 8 Joe Barnett

a. AZ change in election law won't allow ballot status in 1994

b. MS state chair active around state. Joe Knight tour

c. TX Waco trials in San Antonio will be picketed.

Target deadline for reports for next meeting, March 28th 

26a Resolution on Nutritional Supliments

Mr. Evers moved to adopt the following resolution. 

Whereas millions of Americans desire to purchase such dietiary supplements as vitamins,minerals, herbs, and amino acids; 

Whereas interested comsumers ought to be able to freely purchase dietary supplements and companies ought to be able to sell these products in the marketplace; 

Whereas the Food and Drug Administration is making use of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 to drastically curtail the activities of the dietary supplement industry and to restrict what is available to willing consumers, 

Whereas the Libertarian Party has long fought for freedorn for those who use dietary supplements, health foods, and alternative medicines and medical procedures; and 

Whereas Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah and Representative Bill Richardson of New Mexico have introduced in Congress a bill that would ameliorate the existing heavy-handed regulatory regime of the FDA; 

Therefore be it resolved that the Libertarian National Committee supports passage ot the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1993 (S. 784/H.R. 1709). 

Motion passed without objection. 

Forwarded to Hon. Orrin G. Hatch

135 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510-4402 

28 travel proposal Allard


no action required 

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.