Dan Drexler

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Dan Drexler
Libertarian Party of Indiana
Predecessor: Sam Goldstein
Successor: Joseph Hauptmann
Personal Details
Residence: Indiana
Party: Libertarian Party

Dan Drexler was Chair and Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN) [1]. He has been responsible for much of the success of the LPIN in the last three years. Drexler served as interim Executive Director in 2006, and stepped into the role of Vice-Chair in 2008. He has run as a Libertarian for the offices of Marion County Auditor, and Indianapolis/Marion County City County Council, 2nd District. Within the Party, he has also served as LP of Marion County Vice Chairman, LP of LaPorte County Media Officer, and 7th District Representative on the LPIN State Central Committee.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Indiana
  • Chair (2009—2013)
  • Vice-Chair (2008—2009)


Preceded by:
Sam Goldstein
Chair Libertarian Party of Indiana
Succeeded by:
Joseph Hauptmann