Cyrus Griffin

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Cyrus Griffin
Congress of the Confederation
22 January 1788—4 March 1789
Personal Details
Birth: 1749
Death: 1810

Cyrus Griffin (1749-1810) was the final pre-Constitution US President. He served under the Articles of Confederation.

He served from 1788 to 1789.


Before serving as President, he was a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1778 through 1780. He found the Congress to be dishonorable and self-interested, as he noted in a letter to Thomas Jefferson at the end of his first term, and was deeply concerned about the state of the war effort[1].

From 1780 through 1786 he served as one of the first judges appointed to the original Court of Appeals.

From 1786-1787 he served as a delegate to the Virginia state assembly.

In January 1788, Congress elected him as its president. During his term the US Constitution was finally ratified.


There is no commentary on this US President. You can improve by comparing his record against a libertarian ideal.


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Preceded by:
Arthur St. Clair
US President
Succeeded by:
George Washington (President of the Executive Branch)

John Adams (President of the Senate)

Frederick Muhlenberg (Speaker of the House)