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Chris Edgar
Edgar Chris 2022.jpg
Libertarian Party of California
Predecessor: Jillian Olsen
Personal Details
Education: Haverford College
Stanford University School of Law
Occupation: Attorney
Residence: North Hollywood, CA
Party: Libertarian
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Chris Edgar is an Attorney, Composer, and Director residing in North Hollywood, CA. He serves as Secretary for the Libertarian Party of California.

Entertainment Career

Chris wrote and composed music for The Breakout: A Rock Opera in 2016 [1]. In the film, a high school nerd, with the help of some misfits, goes on a daring mission to rescue the girl he loves from a mental hospital. In 2022, Power Day [2] - which was written, directed and composed by Chris - debuted on the film festival circuit. In the film, in a post-nuclear apocalypse world in which the government confines people to their homes and rations electrical power, a teenage girl must choose whether to defy the authorities to save her ailing mother.


  • Haverford College, B.A. (History)
  • Stanford University School of Law, J.D. (Law)

Positions Held

  • Secretary, Libertarian Party of California, (February 2022—February 2023)

State Committees


  • “The Right to Freedom of Expressive Association and the Press,” Stanford Law Review, Vol. 55, No. 1, p. 191 (2002)
  • “The ‘Traditional State Function’ Doctrine: A Comparative Institutional Perspective,” NYU Journal of Law & Liberty, Vol. 1, No. 2, p. 856 (2006)