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The Bylaws and Rules Committee recommends bylaw amendments and convention rule amendments to the assembled delegates during national conventions. Those amendments are then debated and voted on by the delegates.

Committee Terms

As currently configured, there are ten Bylaws and Rules Committee members, who are selected by the Libertarian National Committee at least three months before a national convention (but more commonly a year in advance). The members of the Bylaws and Rules Committee generally meet immediately preceding a national convention and 3-6 months before a national convention to consider proposals and adopt a report. The past several terms the committee has discussed matters and conducted some business by email. It has also emailed a survey to LP members soliciting feedback on its proposals.

Past Chairs

The following people have chaired the Bylaws and Rules Committee.

Caryn Ann Harlos (2024)
Steve Sheetz (2022)
Joe Bishop-Henchman (2020)
Joshua Katz (2018)
M Carling (2016)
Chuck Moulton (2014)
Dan Karlan (2012)
Dan Karlan (2010)
M Carling (2008)
Dan Karlan (2006)
Mark Nelson (2004)
Mark Nelson (2002)
Ken Bisson (2000)
David Bergland (1998)
David Bergland (1996)
David Bergland (1993)
Toni Black (1991)
David Nolan (1989)
??? (1987)
??? (1985)
??? (1983)
??? (1981)
??? (1979)
??? (1978)
??? (1977)
??? (1976)
??? (1975)
??? (1974)
??? (1973)

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