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Antony Sammeroff
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Personal Details
Birth: January 23
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Occupation: Therapist, Coach, Economics Journalist, Author
Residence: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: [Antony Sammeroff Facebook]
Twitter: [@AntonySammeroff Twitter]
Instagram: [@rolledupsleevesfam Instagram]
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Antony Sammeroff is a Scottish libertarian personality known for his multifaceted contributions to the libertarian community and his work as a therapist and coach. He is a voice in the fields of economics, personal development, and professional growth, especially for those who align with the values of personal freedom and libertarianism.


Media Appearances

Sammeroff co-hosts the Scottish Liberty Podcast and has been a featured guest on numerous libertarian-themed programs, such as The Tom Woods Show, Lions of Liberty, and School Sucks Podcast. He also maintains an active presence on various social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Antony is the author of "Universal Basic Income — For and Against", which includes a foreword by Robert P. Murphy. He offers a self-help book titled "Procrastination Annihilation", which can be downloaded for free from his website, Sammeroff actively blogs about economic matters at SeeingNotSeen. His writings have also found a home on various platforms including those of the Scottish Libertarian Party, the Cobden Centre, The Backbencher, The Rational Rise, and

He has expressed skepticism towards the pharmaceutical industry, as suggested by his eBook "7 Pharma Myths".

Speaking Engagements

Throughout his career, Sammeroff has been an active speaker, appearing at libertarian conventions and events across the United States and the world. His travels and engagements notably increased during the pandemic period.

Professional Services

Sammeroff has dedicated over a decade to working as a therapist and coach, specializing in facilitating personal, professional, and emotional growth among individuals who value freedom. His unique approach prioritizes authentic connections and understanding, especially valuable in divisive times. As part of his commitment to authentic connections, he has established an online community dedicated to teaching service providers, ranging from coaches to accountants, how to acquire clients without resorting to aggressive sales techniques.

Personal Philosophy

Sammeroff's work and life philosophy revolve around the challenges of being an ambitious individual in a world that often misunderstands or mistrusts those who prioritize personal freedom. Despite the challenges, he believes it's possible for like-minded individuals to thrive and aims to assist them in reaching their personal and professional best. He describes his mission as one to "Shine a Light in Dark Places" for those who feel "compassionately confused" in a world that sometimes appears unnecessarily cold.


Apart from his independent endeavors, Antony Sammeroff has worked as an economics journalist at the Mises Institute.