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This page is both a listing and a point for collaborative work on identifying and documenting caucuses through our party's history.

Adequate Defense Caucus

May be historical

Libertarian Anarchist Caucus

May no longer be active

Audacious Caucus

The purpose of The Libertarian Party Audacious Caucus is to advocate within the Libertarian Party for a more principled moral stance in opposition to government. We seek to accomplish this by nominating candidates for both internal party positions and public office who have shown a strong commitment to the fundamental core beliefs of the libertarian philosophy. We are also committed to maintaining and increasing the Libertarian Party's involvement in outreach, education and activism, to promote the core beliefs of the libertarian philosophy in our community.

The Bear Nukes Caucus

The Bear Nukes Caucus is a single issue advocacy group focused on encouraging the Libertarian Party of the United States and its affiliates to push for the legalization of private ownership of weapons of mass destruction. It defines weapons of mass destruction to include nuclear weapons using both fission and fusion, chemical agents, weaponized bio-agents, explosively pumped flux compression generators, HERF guns, dirty bombs, antimatter annihilation weapons or any other extremely dangerous device or substance conceivable.

Brevity Caucus

A caucus committed to a shorter national platform. Known to be operating in 2015-2016.

Defense Caucus

Organized by controversial activist Eric Dondero

May no longer be active

Grassroots Libertarian Caucus

May no longer be active

Hands Off My Caucus

Formed to protect the structure of the Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee at the 2016 state convention in San Antonio. May be returning to a fully active state.

Libertarian Millennial Caucus

Libertarians for Life May have fallen apart after the death of its founder

Libertarians for Peace

LP Sunshine Caucus

More information is needed

National Organization of Libertarian Women

A marijuana-centric caucus during the 1970s. At least one of its members discussed returning it to an active state for the 2016 convention.

OUT for Liberty

A LGBT caucus that focuses heavily on outreach

Outright Libertarians

The most well-known LGBT caucus

Paleolibertarian Caucus

Povertarian Caucus

Focuses on matters affecting people with lower incomes, both in terms of policy and in terms of internal party matters.

Pro-Choice Libertarians

Libertarian Pragmatist Caucus

Radical Caucus (2006)

Radical Caucus (1979)

Inspiration for the current caucus, which seeks to be its continuation, but still a distinct historical entity.

Radical Caucus (SEK3)

Seemingly unlerated to later caucuses bearing the same name, this caucus was seking to use the Libertarian Party as a platform for opposition to voting.

Reform Caucus

This group was behind the Portland Massacre in 2006 and was strongly behind Bob Barr in 2008, but may have dissolved soon afterward.

The Rent is Too Damn High Caucus

A single-issue caucus, their point was acted upon when the LNC moved from the Watergate building to new offices in Virginia.

Rothbard Caucus

An attempted continuation from the 1979 Radical Caucus with a different name from the 2000s.

Sex Caucus

Socially Tolerant Caucus

This caucus existed in the mid to late 1990s and was connected to Focus PAC. Its goal was to bring in people left behind by the increasingly statist ideology of the political left.

Libertarian Youth Caucus

Migrate Elsewhere
Appears to mostly be a discussion group (group rejects Libertarian Party)

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