Steven Symms

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Steven D. Symms
Steve-Symms 1989.jpg
Idaho 1st Congressional District
Personal Details
Occupation: Fruit Grower
Residence: Idaho
Party: Republican

Steven D. Symms is a Libertarian who ran under Republican ticket who won election to Congress in Idaho's 1st District in 1972 using the Libertarian Party's Temporary Platform as a source of position statements and used a modified TANSTAAFL Libersign in his literature and was officially endorsed by the national Libertarian Party. He was mentioned in the March, August, and November issues of LP News. He quickly deviated from solid Libertarian positions on social issues and by the time of his election as a Senator during the Reagan administration was known as a solid conservative. He was, however, counted by the Libertarian Party as a US House win in 1972 and recognized as such by multiple publications at that time.[1]

He won an upset victory in a three-way race in the primary, and then went on to win by a margin of about 55% to 45% in the general election. His campaign manager was Bob Smith.