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Linda E. Klasman
Publicity Chairperson
Free Libertarian Party of New York
May 21, 1972—September 12, 1972
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian

Linda E. Klasman was a New York activist for the Libertarian Party from the 1970s and founder of the Libertarian Party of New York alongside her husband Jerry Klasman.[1] She served as Publicity Chairperson for the party and worked to ensure the fledgling upstart group received media coverage.

Under her leadership, the Free Libertarian Party, Inc. received favorable profiles in The Village Voice and New York Times.[2][3] On July 4, 1972, she Klasman organized a news conference to introduce candidates Gary Greenberg, Guy W. Riggs, and Walter Block.[4]

Party positions

  • Publicity Chairperson (May 21, 1972 - ???)
  • Free Libertarian Party News - editor (??? - ???)[5]
  • Membership Committee - member (December 1, 1972)

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