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Howard Rich
Libertarian Party of New York
with Raymond Strong
Successor: Bill Lawry
Mike Nichols
Personal Details
Birth: 1940
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Party: Libertarian Party

Howard S. "Howie" Rich (born 1940) is a former LNC representative and county and state chair. He serves as Chairman of Americans for Limited Government, of which he is founder. He has been a leading force in the limited government movement since 1992, when he founded the group U.S. Term Limits. Fifteen states now have term limits on their legislatures and the term limits movement is one of the largest grassroots movements in American history.

Rich serves on the boards of various nonprofit organizations, including the Cato Institute, the Club for Growth and the Foundation for Educational Choice. He currently heads Club for Growth State Action which establishes and supports the state affiliates of the national organization.

In 2000, he founded Legislative Education Action Drive (LEAD) which focuses on enacting school choice legislation across the country. He also serves as Chairman of the Parents in Charge Foundation. Rich is a strong supporter of school choice and has been honored with the Herman W. Lay Memorial Award for his work in education.

Rich has made his living as an entrepreneur in real estate and business since 1965. He and his wife, Andrea, reside in New York City and have two grown sons.

He is a member of several organizations, and has personally donated millions to libertarian ballot initiatives in multiple states.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian National Committee
  • Region 16 representative, 1981—1983
Libertarian Party of New York
  • Vice-Chair, 1973—1974
  • Rockland County Chair, New York c. 1973

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