Hospers and Nathan Presidential Campaign 1972

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Hospers and Nathan Presidential Campaign
Hospers-Nathan 1972 Poster.jpg
Candidate: John Hospers and Tonie Nathan
Office: President and Vice-President
Location: Washington DC
Election: November 7, 1972
Slogan: Break Free From Big Brother
Votes: 4,466

John Hospers and Tonie Nathan were the Libertarian Party's presidential ticket in 1972. The campaign slogan was "Break Free from Big Brother." They pulled off a big surprise when Roger MacBride, a faithless Nixon elector from Virginia, cast an electoral college vote for both. Bill Susel was the campaign manager for Dr. Hospers.


Campaign Schedule


Date Place
Oct. 13, 14, 15, 16 San Francisco, CA
Oct. 20 San Diego, CA
Oct. 25 Monterey, CA
Oct. 27 Portland, Ore
Oct. 27 Seattle, Wn

Nathan Tour

Date Place
Oct. 25-27 Seattle, Wn
Nov. 2 Dallas, Ts
Nov. 4 Houston, Ts
Nov. 10-11 Philadephia, Pa
Nov. 12 Boston, Mass
Nov. 15-16 New York, N.Y.
Nov. 17-18 Detroit, Mich
Nov. 19 Alberquerque, N.M.
Nov. 20-21 Colorado Springs, Colo.

Hospers Events

Sept. 6 Leave Los Angeles - fly to Dallas, Texas (speech)
Sept. 7 Houston, Texas (speech)
Sept. 8 Oklahoma City (speech) and Tulsa (speech)
Sept. 9 Go to Chicago (1) press conference at airport (2) speech in evening
Sept. 10 Chicago news conference and public appearances
Sept. 11 Boston (1) press conference at airport (2) drive to New Hampshire and give speech
Sept. 12 to Philadelphia from Boston airport PHila speech in evening
Sept. 13 leave Philadelphia in afternoon to go to Des Moines, Iowa
Sept. 14 Spend with family
Sept. 15 Leave for Los Angeles
Oct. 13 Arrives, speaks on several college campuses
Oct. 14 Rally at the Hyatt House in Burlingame, 8:00 PM, $2 at the door
Oct. 15 Fundraising dinner at Villa Hotel, San Mateo, 8:00 PM, $15 per plate
Oct. 16 Live on the Jim Dunbar Show, Channel 7, 7:00 AM

Various Media Coverage

Vote Totals

The ticket was only on the ballot in the following two states with these figures:

  • Colorado 1,111
  • Washington 1,537

Write-ins were recorded as follows though many states simply do not count them:

  • Alaska 68
  • California 980
  • Florida 39
  • Georgia 23
  • Illinois 46
  • Massachusetts 43
  • Michigan 54
  • Minnesota 35
  • Missouri 25
  • New Hampshire 142
  • New Jersey 89
  • Oregon 85
  • Texas 394
  • Utah 19
  • Wisconsin 101

TOTAL - 4,791



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