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My name is Bethany Baldes. Last year, I came within 53 votes of unseating the Republican majority leader in the Wyoming legislature. And I did it while running as a Libertarian. Working closely with Apollo Pazell, the national Libertarian Party's campaigns advisor, my campaign for state representative in Wyoming's 55th District broke the record for the highest percentage earned by a partisan Libertarian candidate for state legislature.


It was hard work coming that close to victory. During campaign season, I broke my leg — but that didn't stop me from knocking the doors in my district. Libertarian Party candidates are overcoming decades of underdog status. Many have believed that it was not possible to overcome this perception, but hard work, a clear message, and a detailed strategy will result in Libertarians being regularly elected. Together, my campaign and support from the national Libertarian Party have shown that this strategy works.

I am running again next year, and I am working again with the national Libertarian Party to find more winning candidates across Wyoming and throughout the country. When you donate to the national Libertarian Party, you are making this important work possible.

I want to capture the momentum that my campaign created. Replicating that success will require a party that is ready to meet this challenge with me. Together, we can organize more field teams working on the ground under the supervision of campaign professionals. We can create a data machine that will build and adapt as we capture the minds of more voters.

With your help, we have a real shot at getting Libertarian candidates elected to state legislatures next year! And a Libertarian advocating common sense in the statehouse will wake people up. But that sort of thing takes a lot of work and time. Much of that work is already happening, but we need your financial support so that we can continue and expand it.


Please find a way to give today and help us be truly competitive in some state legislative races in 2020. We are going to break through. Will you be on the team when we do?

In Liberty,

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Bethany Baldes

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