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NY Libertarians Hold Convention 4/28/07 LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF NEW YORK 516-767-4688 Contact: Richard Cooper, State Chair NEW YORK LIBERTARIANS HOLD CONVENTION ON LONG ISLAND 4/28/07

Long Island, NY 4/10/07 The 2007 Libertarian Party of New York State convention will be held Saturday, April 28th on Long Island at the Radisson Hotel in Holtsville at exit 63 of the Long Island Expressway from 9am-5:30pm. The Libertarians will conduct business in the morning and hear speakers at lunch and in the afternoon, including presidential candidates. The Libertarians will hold a Long Island mini-convention for their Nassau and Suffolk branches in the morning from 9am to 9:30am. A candidate for Suffolk County Executive may be nominated then. From 9:45 to noon, Libertarian Party leadership will be selected. (Radisson Hotel MacArthur 1730 N Ocean Avenue, Holtsville, New York (631) 758-2900).

Lunch will present former Judge Ira Raab. He enjoyed Libertarian Party support in his successful campaigns. The lunch keynote speaker will be hip-hop entrepreneur Reginald Jones on “Let America Be Free.” Other speakers scheduled are bar owner Steve Beery of Mr. Beery’s in Bethpage on “Tavern Tyranny: Alcohol & Tobacco Regulation”; website developer Lumi Michelle Rolley of on using blogs for activism and the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards eminent domain case; and Libertarian Party activists John Cain, who wore a wire to expose political corruption, Donald Silberger on the party’s role and Jim Leszcynski on “Raising Libertarian Children In A Non-Libertarian World.” Speakers do not necessarily support the Libertarian Party. A presidential forum will feature candidates for the 2008 Libertarian nomination. The convention ends at 5:30pm.

The public is invited to attend the post-lunch session but there is a charge of $50. For convention information, call 516-767-4688 or email State Chair Richard Cooper will be stepping down at the convention, which he forecasts will be focused on next year’s campaigns, tasks and opportunities.