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Dear Michigan Delegates and Alternates to the Libertarian National Convention,

Whew….now that I’ve had a full day to unwind, I wanted to thank everyone again and give you the latest news about the second part of the national convention and upcoming state convention.

Post National Convention part 1

A big thanks again to everyone who participated in both the actual convention and in the discussions on the Michigan Libertarians Slack channel. As a delegation, we successfully cast 34 votes on all seven rounds of balloting, in a very timely manner. We easily finished in under half the time that the last states to report needed. It was fun to sit back in the Slack channel and make fun states like Virginia and Ohio for their chronic slow voting!

Special thanks again go to Andrew Chadderdon for running our LimeSurvey polls. He had to update the list of poll recipients and help troubleshoot all while screen streaming the results live as they came in for full transparency.

Below are the results from the Michigan delegation. I know many of you were very passionate supports of candidates that did not receive our nomination. I was going to urge those delegates not to be discouraged but since the convention adjourned, I have seen nearly our entire delegation pull together online to rally support for our ticket!

Table 1) Results of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Voting

MI-email 2020-05-26 Image1.jpg

Status of National Convention part 2, Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, July 9-12.

This is my current understanding of things as of Tuesday May 26…

  • The same 34 delegates and 47 alternates that were selected at our April 4th convention will be our delegates to the July 9-12 Orlando convention, apart from a few people who permanently ceded their position.
  • The Libertarian National Committee and Convention Oversight Committee met on Monday night to discuss the convention contract. From what I gather, the contract needs one more review from legal counsel before being presented to the LNC chair for his signature by Friday.
  • While I have expressed doubts this event will occur, I intend to be in Orlando to chair our delegation, unless I am subject to any future travel restrictions.
  • There is no current plan to allow remote participation. That would still require a bylaw change in Orlando. I am not optimistic such a bylaw would pass. The ability to manage both delegates present in a physical room and on a video conference adds to the complexity of running the convention and a demonstrable method of proceeding this way must exist before we vote on such a bylaw. I hope to work with the LNC or state chairs in any discussions or trial runs at including remote participation and will keep Michigan delegates up to date with the latest information I have.
  • If you are 100% sure you do not want to be a delegate or alternate to the Orlando convention, even if the possibility of remote participation exists, please let me know so that we may move up alternates and help make everyone’s travel plans easier.

Status of Michigan State Nominating Convention at Treetops Report, Gaylord, July 18

This is my current understanding of things as of Tuesday May 26…

  • According to a May 23 update on their website, Treetops Resort will begin opening on May 28, with limited options. They anticipate being able to accommodate a safe socially distanced state convention. (
  • Our convention plans remain unchanged and we are still planning to hold an in person convention as previously called.
  • A number of members have indicated to me that they will not be traveling to Treetops for the state convention due to either health concerns or because Orlando is the previous weekend. We face the exact same questions national faces, but at least ours is on a smaller scale. At this time we have not ruled out the possibility of remote participation and are aware of the concerns of our membership. A hybrid convention will make deliberations extra challenging and our state party bylaws don’t directly address this either. There is also lot of paperwork at a nominating convention that needs to be signed, double checked, and distributed to various election officials across the state. These are not necessarily prohibitive concerns, just ones we will need to properly addressed as we proceed.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience during this campaign season!

Peace and liberty,

Greg Stempfle

Chair – Libertarian Party of Michigan