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Resolved at the December 7-8 1985 LNC Meeting:

1.0 PURPOSE: (1.1) The Libertarian Party News (hereinafter LP News is the name of the Libertarian Party's newsletter and as such is the principal regularly issued publication of the Party. It is  the major communications medium of the party. It conveys the Party' s message and self-image to all who receive it. It serves as the one unifying publication for the political views within the Party. (1.2) Final responsibility for the production of LP News must rest with one person: the Editor. It is the responsibility of the Editor to produce the best possible publication within the guidelines of these policies.

2.0 MARKET FOR LP NEWS: (2.1)The LP News is distributed to three major groups: LP members and contributors, media representatives, and prospective members. The LP News shall address itself primarily to LP members and its role shall be complementary to other publications within the libertarian movement. (2.2) LP News shall focus on three types of articles: (1) those providing a libertarian perspective on current issues along with how and why this perspective differs from that of other political parties;(2) those providing information on libertarian, libertarian-oriented and LP activities around the U.S. and the world; and (3) those discussing the tactics and strategy of LP political activities. (2.3) This leaves to other publications the areas of scholarly articles, in-depth analysis of current issues, regular coverage of the arts (book and film reviews), analysis of libertarian movement (as opposed to LPJ tactics and strategy, in-depth debate of questions on which there are no libertarian consensus, critique of individuals within the libertarian movement, and reporting of routine state and local activities and personalities. (2.4) The proper tone for all articles is factual and even-handed. "Mainstream" political rhetoric shall be used to present "radical" libertarian ideas. "Buzz words" and "libertarian jargon" shall be avoided in order to make the LP News appealing to the broadest possible readership. Personal attacks on persons and institutions within the libertarian movement are to be avoided. (2.5) The article in LP News shall, on the whole, represent the core ideas of agreement in the LP. No articles shall be published which contradict the LP Platform. Articles which address areas where the Platform is silent may be published provided that they are noted as representing the opinions of the author only and not those of the Party. (2.6) A Directory of state and national Party contacts for LP members shall be included in at least every other issue. (2.7) LP News shall be circulated to: (1) all contributors and members within the last two years;(2) a media list selected by the National Chair;(3) individuals requesting information from Party HO;(4) a portion of the prospects list; and (5) a distribution to State Chairs for recruiting purposes equal to 10% of the total press run. Based upon availability, the National Chair shall also decide the actual distribution of LP News among subsections (2) through (5) above. (2.8) The National Chair may, from time to time, with reasonable notice, direct the Editor to change the format of LP News for the purpose of outreach to the media, prospects and o t her s. This change may take the form of: (1) an "insert" to the regular LP News;(2) an extra edition;(3) a replacement edition; or (4) some other form to be determined by the National Chair. This format change will enable LP News to perform its different functions in a less expensive and more efficient manner.

3.0 EDITORIAL POLICIES: (3.1) LP News shall be published in a tabloid format. The frequency of publication shall be at least bi-monthly unless the National Chair decides that frequency is inconsistent with the approved budget or the LP's current financial condition. The number of pages per issue and the circulation per issue shall be the responsibility of the National Chair consistent with the approved budget and the LP's current financial condition. (3.2) The selection of articles, their layout and the graphics for LP News, the relative amount of space assigned to articles, advertisements, LP announcements, and regular features shall be the responsibility of the National Chair except as detailed in this Policy Statement.

3.0 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL POLICIES: (4.l ) The exact levels of financial support provided by the LP for LP News shall be established annually in the approved budget for the Party or in other LNC resolutions. (4.2) No classified advertising shall be accepted. All advertisements will be clearly labeled as such. See the Reviews and Reporting section of this policy for reporting requirements for rejected advertisements.

5.0 EDITOR SELECTION: (5.1) The National Chair shall select the Editor with the advice and consent of the National Committee. Due consideration should be given to the professional as well as libertarian background of the individual selected.

6. 0 REVIEWS, REPORTING AND CHANGES TO POLICY: (6.1) The LP News shall be reviewed by the Advertising/Publications Review Committee after publication. The Editor and National Chair shall be informed of any items which in the opinion of the Committee are inappropriate. (6.2) As part of the Headquarters report provided at each LNC meeting, the National Chair shall report the following regarding the LP News: (l) circulation per issue;(2) number of pages per issue;(3) cost per issue, including cost per category of expenditure, i.e., printing, artwork, postage, e t c.;(4) ad revenue per issue and equivalent dollar value of "exchange" ad;(5) advertisements rejected and why; and (6) items found unsatisfactory by the AP/R Committee and action to be taken on them. Any contract between the LNC and any Editor shall include a provision obligating the Editor to provide the above information to the National Chair as needed for reporting purposes. (6.3) Changes to this Policy Statement shall be made only by the LNC in accordance with its resolutions. The Editor or National Chair may recommend Policy Statement changes for LNC consideration. (6.4) Resolution 221 is repealed with the adoption of this EDITORIAL POLICY FOR LIBERTARIAN PARTY NEWS resolution.

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 302 therein.

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