Document:LNC Resolution 31 October 1985 Regarding Aid to Candidates

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Resolved at the October 31, 1985 LNC Meeting:

RESOLVED that neither the National Director nor any other employee of the Party shall: 1. Endorse, support, contribute any money, or use his or her title or position to aid any candidate in any LP primary, or in any campaign for office, or nomination, within the National LP or any State LP. 2. Serve as a delegate to any National or State LP convention. 3. Permit National Headquarters to be used by anyone at any time to aid any candidate in any LP primary, or in any campaign for office, or nomination, with the National LP or any State LP.

PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that nothing in this Resolution shall Director or any employee of the Party from providing the services that would be provided to any other member of the candidate.

PROVIDED FURTHER, HO EVER, that in the event of such special circumstances as occurred in 1983, when there was only one candidate for the LP's Presidential nomination during most of the year, if the National Director believes it to be in the best interest of the Party to provide encouragement or support for a sole candidate for the Party' s nomination for President or Vice-President, the National Director shall promptly inform the Chair in writing (with copies to the Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) setting forth facts about the situation and a recommended course of action. Upon receiving such information, the Chair may refuse to accept the recommendation, direct the matter come up before the next meeting of the NatCom or direct that it be submitted to the NatCom by letter Ballot as he or she shall decide will best further the Party's interests.

No Party funds may be expended in any of the types of campaigns described in this Resolution.

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 271 therein. It is noted that this was amended at the September 2, 1987, and December 6, 1987 meetings. This is the amended language.

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