Document:LNC Resolution 2 October 1977 Regarding Duties of Treasurer

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Resolved at the October 2, 1977 LNC Meeting:

The Treasurer shall have responsibility and authority to perform the following functions: (1) To prepare and file Federal Election Commission reports and income tax returns as required by law. (2) To supervise and review the preparation of all accounts and disbursements of the national Party. (3) To render appropriate management reports to the National Chair as requested. (4) To collect and receive assets and funds to which the national Party may be entitled, including membership dues, contributions and other revenues. (5) To assist the National Director in the preparation of an annual budget for the operation of the National Headquarters. (6) To assist the National Director to develop cost and management controls to account for investments in such projects as are authorized by the National Chair and/or the National Committee. (7) To supervise the bookkeeper currently retained by the Party.

(8) To develop and maintain appropriate banking relationships. (9) To make an annual financial report to the National Committee.

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 55 therein. That document also seems to note that this was amended via resolution at the September 2, 1987, December 6, 1987, and December 2-3, 1989 meetings. This is the language as amended.