Document:LNC Resolution 17 April 1994 Regarding U.S. Bombing Raids in Bosnia

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This is a resolution passed at the April 17, 1994 LNC meeting.

Whereas the war in the Balkans has roots in ethnic conflicts that go back for centuries;

Whereas the recent U.S. bombing raids are acts of war, putting the U.S. in practice on the side of the Bosnian central government;

Whereas the missions advanced for U.S. combat -- namely, backing up the UN, supporting stability in Europe, and halting atrocities -- do not protect the rights and liberties of Americans, but are instead rationales for empire-building under NATO and UN auspices;

Whereas the U.S. Congress has not declared war against Serbia or the Bosnian Serbs, as is required by the checks and balances established in the Constitution;

Whereas the war in the Balkans does not threaten an invasion of the United States nor does its threaten the physical security of people or property in the United States;

Therefore Be It Resolved that the Libertarian National Committee opposes continued U.S. military action in the Balkans as unconstitutional and without a mission rooted in protecting the rights and liberties of Americans. We call for an immediate halt to the bombing and a withdrawal of the U.S. from the Balkan conflict.