Document:LNC Resolution 11-12 April 1981 Regarding Budget Committee

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Resolved at the April 11-12, 1981 LNC Meeting:

BUDGET COMMITTEE: The Budget Committee, composed of the National Chair, Treasurer, National Director and Finance Chair, shall develop an annual operating budget and present it to the Libertarian National Committee for approval prior to the end of each fiscal year. This budget shall include a statement of anticipated revenues and expenditures in sufficient detail to adequately outline specific activities and plans, including those for raising funds. This budget may be amended at any time during the year by a majority vote of the LNC. Expenditures shall be limited, by item, to the amount specified by the approved budget except as stated in Resolution 84. 

Note: This was indexed in an official Resolution Index and identified as Resolution 154 therein. That document also seems to note that this was amended via resolution at the September 2, 1987 and December 6, 1987 meetings. This is the language as amended.