List of Recipients of Karl J. Bray (California) Award

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For conspicuous and meritorious activism furthering the goals of the Libertarian Party of California.

Presented at the annual Samuel Adams Society luncheon.


1980 Jack Dean
1981 Dan Mahaffey
1983 Less Antman
1983 Karen Huffman
1985 Jim McClarin
1986 Bob Lehman
1988 Ted Brown
1989 Richard Winger
1991 Steve Alexander
1991 Neal Donner
1991 Betsy Mill
1992 Jerry Douglas
1993 Richard Rider
1993 John Vernon
1994 Michael Everling
1996 Joe Dehn
1996 Robert Gehl
1996 Rodger Rosie
1998 Jean Taborsky
1999 Al Swain
2000 Ed Teyssier
2001 Aaron Starr
2002 Gardner Osborne
2003 Dennis Umphress
2005 Kevin Takenaga
2008 Lawrence Samuels
2020 Angela McArdle (Outstanding Activist Award*)

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