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Kay Harroff
Libertarian Party of Ohio
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Party: Libertarian Party
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Kathleen "Kay" Harroff was the first chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, elected in 1972. A principled Randian, Harroff quit her chair but not the party in 1974 to protest the nomination of Percy Greaves as a New York Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate on account of his foreign policy views. Harroff ran for the U.S. Senate in Ohio and received about 80,000 votes or 3% in her 1974 race. Meanwhile, another Libertarian won candidacy over Greaves in New York, who then migrated to the American Party and later ran for president in 1980. Haroff confronted the male classical liberal ceiling at the New York Hilton in 1975 when she sought the LP's nomination to run for president in the 1976 election (nomination went to Roger MacBride). [1]

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Ohio
  • Chair, Ohio (1972—1974)



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