Psychedelic Caucus

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Psychedelic Caucus
General Information
Chartered: 2017
Facebook: Facebook

The Libertarian Party Psychedelic Caucus is a caucus of the Libertarian Party.


The draft bylaws of the Psychedelic Caucus states its purpose is to advocate "for the immediate decriminalization and destigmatization of psychedelic substance use for any reason." [1]

Steering Committee

Libertarian Party Psychedelic Caucus[2]
Title Name
Grand Poobah (Chair) Desarae Lindsey
Poobah (Vice Chair) Matthew Mears
Grand Master of Records (Secretary) Mimi Robson
Alchemist (Treasurer) Kenneth Brent Olsen
At-Large Representatives Kevin Shaw, Vermin Supreme, Wes Elliott

Previous Members

Grand Master of Records
  • Bo Brown (2018-2020) (inaugural)
  • Liz Botkin (2018-2020) (inaugural)
At-Large Representatives
  • Eric Mulder (2018-2020) (inaugural)
  • Jake Vavak (2018-2020) (inaugural)
  • JC Cook (2018-2020) (inaugural)

State Chapters


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