Document:Minutes 11 Dec 1971 Committee to Organize a Libertarian Party

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Meeting, Saturday, December 11, 1971

June was the unanimous choice of the Committee for the Convention date. This follows the results of the questionnaire.

Pipp Boyls was instructed to prepare a suggested Constitution and By-Laws for both the national Party and the Colorado Party for presentation at the next meeting.

The Committee to Organize a Libertarian Party was formally disbanded and the meeting proceeded as the first meeting of the Steering Committee of the Libertarian Party. The name Libertarian Party was adopted unanimously. The full name will be Libertarian Party--Party of Principle.

After some discussion it was decided to use a modified Libersign incorporating the slogan TANSTAAFL as the Party's symbol. Pipp Boyls was instructed to begin trademark proceedings for the symbol.

Any discussion on candidates was tabled. The questionnaire results to date will be published in the next newsletter and after publication of the Platform, suggested candidates will be contacted to determine their interest.

Luke Zell was chosen as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. It was also decided that each State would have the power to screen any potential candidates in their state.

State Parties will collect their own dues at whichever level they choose. There will be no provision for turning over a percentage to the National Party. The National will get its own members and will sell materials to the States as well as to individuals.

All members were instructed to begin thinking about Convention policies and procedures. So far decided--no resolutions, no fractional voting, only those affiliated with a local Party, State Party or National members may vote.

A National and State press conference will be set up for the early part of January in Denver. We will meet once more prior to that time. Saturday, January 8th, 1972, next Steering meeting.

Names to be contacted for the Steering Committee are: John Daniels-CALIFORNIA, Richard Gentry-VIRGINIA, Keith Jones-TEXAS, Mark Frazier-MASSACHUSETTS, Bill Danks-HAWAII, Mark Coleman-FLORIDA. Members currently of the Steering Committee are the four temporary national officers, David Nolan, Chairman, Pipp Boyls, Vice-Chairman, Dale Nelson-Treasurer, Susan Nolan-Secretary; Eric Westling, Luke Zell, Myrna Culbreath.