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A think tank is an institute which conducts research in areas such as politics, economy, science and technology etc. This article lists think tanks which have libertarian views. The think tanks listed here may have a variety of views which include classical liberalism, minarchist libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism. For a list of think tanks and other organizations which promote Objectivism, see List of Objectivist organizations.

Name Headquarters Year of establishment Founder Website Periodicals Note
Think tanks based in Albania
Instituti Liberal Shqiptar (ILSH) (English: Albanian Liberal Institute) Tirana[1] 2003[1] Albanian Liberal Institute is a classical liberal organization. It is the only free market organization in Albania.[1]
Think tanks based in Australia
Australian Libertarian Society (ALS) Mooloolah[2] 2000[2] John Humphreys[2] ALS members have a variety of views which include minarchism, anarchism, objectivism and classical liberalism.[2]
Think tanks based in Austria
Friedrich August v. Hayek Institut (also described as Hayek Institute) Vienna[3] 1993[4]
Think tanks based in Bahamas
The Nassau Institute (NI) Nassau[5] 1995[6][7]
Think tanks based in Bangladesh
Making Our Economy Right (MOER) Dhaka[8] 1991[9] Nizam Ahmad[10] N/A MOER is the only free market think tank in Bangladesh.[9]
Think tanks based in Canada
Fraser Institute 1770 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia 1974[11] Michael Walker[12] Magazines: Fraser Forum, Canadian Student Review, Perspectives[13] Though it is headquartered in Canada, it has office in the United States also.[14]
Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) Montreal, Quebec[15] 1999[16]
Think tanks based in France
Institute for Economic Studies (IES) Paris 1989[17] Institute for Economic Studies is a classical liberal think tank.[17]
Think tanks based in Italy
Istituto Bruno Leoni (IBL) (English: Bruno Leoni Institute) Turin 2003[18] Istituto Bruno Leoni is named after Italian classical liberal philosopher Bruno Leoni.[19]
Think tanks based in the Netherlands
Frédéric Bastiat Stichting (English: Frédéric Bastiat Foundation) Amsterdam[20] 2003[21] Frédéric Bastiat Stichting is named after French classical liberal theorist Frédéric Bastiat.[22]
Think tanks based in Pakistan
Alternate Solutions Institute (ASI) Lahore[23] 2003[24] Khalil Ahmad[25] Newsletter: Free Pakistan[26] Alternate Solutions Institute is the first free market think tank in Pakistan.[24]
Think tanks based in Poland
Centrum im. Adama Smith (English: Adam Smith Research Centre - ASRC) Warsaw[27] 1989[28] Centrum im. Adama Smith is a classical liberal organization. It is the first such think tanks in Poland and in Eastern Europe.[9]
Think tanks based in Sweden
Timbro Stockholm[29] 1978[30] Timbro was founded by an association of Swedish companies and business organizations, The Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation.[31]
Think tanks based in Switzerland
Avenir Suisse According to the website of the instittue, "Avenir Suisse follows a liberal agenda and represents a market oriented position".[32] Avenir Suisse is a classical liberal institute.
Institut Constant de Rebecque Lausanne Institut Constant de Rebecque is a classical liberal think tank.
Liberales Institut Zurich Liberales Institut is a classical liberal think tank.
Mont Pelerin Society Mont Pelerin Society is a classical liberal think tank.
Think tanks based in the UK
Adam Smith Institute London Adam Smith Institute is a classical liberal organization.
Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) London Journals: Economic Affairs
Libertarian Alliance (LA) London There are two institutes in the UK with the same name Libertarian Alliance. The website of this think tank is and it has a president and a director.
Libertarian Alliance (LA) There are two institutes in the UK with the same name Libertarian Alliance. The website of this think tank is and it does not have any kind of official leader.
Think tanks based in the US
Cascade Policy Institute Portland, Oregon[33] 1991[34] Newsletter: Cascade Update Cascade Policy Institute focuses on state and local issues in Oregon.[34]
Cato Institute Washington, D.C.[35] 1977[36] Edward H. Crane[36] Magazines: Regulation, Journals: Cato Journal, Newsletter: Cato Policy Report, Other periodicals: Cato's Letter, Cato Supreme Court Review Cato Institute is the largest libertarian think tank in the world.[37]
Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) Washington, D.C.[38] 1984[39] Fred L. Smith, Jr.[39] Newsletters: C:\Spin, CEI Planet, CEI Weekly, Cooler Heads Digest, Daily Update, EnviroWire, The Financial Reporter, Legal Update.[40] Bureaucrash is an activist project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.[41]
Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Irvington-on-Hudson, New York[42] 1946[43] Leonard E. Read[43] Journal: The Freeman, Newsletters: Notes from FEE, Daily news digest: In brief. Foundation for Economic Education is the first libertarian think tank in the United States.[44]
Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) Arlington County, Virginia[45] 1961[45] F. A. "Baldy" Harper[45] Institute for Humane Studies is located at George Mason University. Its main focus is to assist students to study libertarianism.[45]
Institute for Justice (IJ) Arlington, Virginia Newsletter: Liberty & Law, Other publications: HANews IJ is a libertarian public interest law firm and its area of activity is restricted to public-interest law.[46]
Ludwig von Mises Institute (LvMI) Auburn, Alabama[47] 1982[47] Llewellyn Harrison Rockwell, Jr.[47] Journals: The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Austrian Economics Newsletter, Libertarian Papers, Newsletters: The Free Market, The Mises Memo Ludwig von Mises Institute is an anarcho-capitalist-leaning organization.
Reason Foundation Los Angeles[48] 1978[49] Magazine: Reason
The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) Fairfax, Virginia[50] 1989[51] Richard M. Ebeling and Jacob G. Hornberger[51] Magazine: Freedom Daily
The Independent Institute Oakland, California[52] 1986[53] David J. Theroux[53] Journal: The Independent Review, Newsletters: The Lighthouse, The Independent
The Federalist Foundation Denton, Texas 2016 Lance R. Haynie & Larry L. Johnson, Jr., PMP


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