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OR-Email 2020-06-27 Image1.png

Oops! We made a mistake...

Hindsight is 20/20.

Please forgive our typo on the envelope you just received in the mail. We've been under a little stress to maintain all of your freedoms all the time in a non-aggressive way during a pandemic. Note that it is not a DIRECTOR ELECTION ballot but a PRIMARY ELECTION ballot enclosed. Don't toss it It's your ticket to representation in the general election. (Do you ever ask yourself why there are no libertarians in the general election?)

Write-ins welcome!

You may have received a ballot, like mine, that has some blank spaces. Fill them in. Write your name in, or the name of an eligible, like-minded friend in your district. (I did this once. You can read my story at Just click on "my story".

How ranked-choice instant run-off works:

Write the numerical value of your choice in the space provided to the left of the candidate's name. This may have a blank line next to it if there is the opportunity for a write-in. That just means nobody let us know they were interested in running for this position before we sent these out. If you have two choices, put a "1" next to your first choice and a "2" next to your second choice.

Not interested in public service? Totally understandable.

There are a number of ways to get involved. Here is my ranked-choice list 1. Vote. Stick a stamp on that ballot, sign it and return it before July 6th. 2. Give - your time or money. We pay for everything ourselves and do all our own editing. See an opportunity? Jump in. Fill out the volunteer info enclosed with your ballot. Send a donation. You pick. We stretch your dollars further than any other party, I promise. And your time? Well, that is priceless. 3. Connect - with other Libertarians in your area. Start (or join) a local affiliate. We can help you get started. (That's my personal area of devotion). Join a Meet-up (if it's legal or happening - see above "all your freedoms all the time"). 4. Critique - Let us know what we're doing wrong and we'll try to improve.

Thanks for reading this. We are grateful for your participation at every level.

Yours in Liberty and Non-Aggression,

Katy Brumbelow

Affiliate Director, LPO