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Please put items to be put on the agenda for consideration at the next LP Historical Preservation Committee meeting. The next scheduled meeting is 17 July 2019. Prior agendas remain posted until minutes are approved (which are uploaded here). Contact the Committee at lpedia@lp.org. The Committee meets the first and third Wednesday of every month. The log-in information for each of those recurring appointments is down below. Any Libertarian Party member may attend.


Call to Meeting

  • Date & Time: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 @4pm Mountain/6pm Eastern
  • Where: Online: Zoom Online Meeting
  • Attendees: Members of the Historical Preservation Committee and any members of the Party who choose to attend
  • Objective: As per LNC-creation mandate- to help preserve and publish historical documents of the party and to manage LPedia
  • Chair: Caryn Ann Harlos
  • Other Members: Joe Dehn, Ed Fochler, James Gholston, Andrew Martin Kolstee (on temporary leave-due back August)

I. Roll Call

II. Read and Approve Agenda

Unless it ever becomes chaotic, we freely add things on the fly without any formal vote to do so as our tradition.

III. Guest Comments

Relevant guest comments are also generally welcome in agenda item discussions.

IV. Approve Minutes/Summaries from 17 July 2019

V. Standing Items

a. Records Archive Update

b. General LPedia

1. Policy Updates


2. Templates and Template Documentation

  • We all need to help adding template documentation and putting on this agenda outdated templates to be deleted - James to put new stub maintenance templates on list
  • Asked Andrew to instruct me on how to create documentation - received and testing

3. Category Rebuild

  • Tying up loose ends before tackling images

4. Site Statistics

5. Site Technical

  • /wiki/
  • 404 - Ed to write script for Caryn Ann to send to MyWikis

6. Featured Article

7. Requests for Deletion

8. Other Misc

c. Historical Collections and Projects

1. State Historical Projects

2. External Archives

3. Personal Collections

d. General Committee Business

  • Volunteers and Admins
  • Volunteer Project Instruction Sheets
  • Report to LNC

VI. Old Business

a. Yahoo Lists

b. Next scanning job

  • Caryn Ann to let Joe know what large-format items for CA newsletters already in this job.

c. Craig's List

  • Caryn Ann working with vendor.

d. Ed to Change user name: change User: MattLongCT to User: MJL.

e. Potential Change to Admin Duties Page (proposed revisions posted at LPedia_talk:Administrator_Responsibilities#Proposed_Revisions)

VII. New Business

a. CZUR Scanner (Ed - did he obtain, is it portable? see 3/20/19 summary

VIII. Establish/Announce next meeting time

IX. Adjournment

Meeting Log-In Information

Every First Wednesday Log-in Information

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Topic: LPHPC Meeting (Third Wednesday) Time: 4:00 PM Moutain, 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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