Wendy Hewitt

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Wendy Hewitt
Wendy-Hewitt 2021 profile.jpg
Calimesa City Council
Southern Area Coordinator
LPC Executive Committee
Personal Details
Residence: California
Party: Libertarian
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Wendy Hewitt is currently a member of the City Council of Calimesa, California.

She has served on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of California since 2016 when she was elected an at-large alternate. In 2019 she was elected to the position of Southern Area Coordinator.

She has also served at Secretary of the Riverside County LP.

She was a delegate seated with the California delegation at the 2018 National Convention.


2020 - Calimesa City Council

In 2020 Hewitt ran for a position on the Calimesa City Council, which consists of five at-large members elected on a non-partisan basis. She was endorsed by the Riverside Press-Enterprise[1]. She was elected with 2,624 votes, the most votes in a field of four candidates competing for three positions[2].


Hewitt has lived in California since she was two. She attended school in San Diego County and graduated from San Pasqual Academy. After high school she worked as a Dental Assistant and later earned a Medical Assistant Certificate.

She is married to Jeff Hewitt, with whom she operates a swimming pool company. She has 3 children, 3 step children and 5 grandchildren.

She is also active in the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce.