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Featured article: 50th Birthday Party

CA-43 2021-12-11 birthday-cake.jpg

The LP Historical Preservation Committee encouraged Libertarians nationwide to join in a 50th Birthday Party for the LP on 11 December 2021.

The LP is generally considered to have been "born" on 11 December 1971, when the group who had been calling themselves the "Committee to Organize a Libertarian Party" decided to actually do it!

Increase awareness of the LP's history.
Promote collection of material/recollections.
Encourage formation of state/local history committees/projects.
Encourage participation in LPedia.
Bring activists together for fun/celebration/camaraderie.

The concept was to hold celebrations all across the country, with local activists making whatever arrangements made sense to them. The HPC set up up a Zoom meeting to link all the local events together so that people in the various physical locations could share what they were doing.


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