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LNC Staff refers to personnel responsible for national Libertarian Party business who are not themselves members of the LNC. They may be employees or contractors, and may do their work in the national headquarters, at some other fixed location, or in the field (e.g., affiliate support, ballot access projects).

The way that these personnel are organized has varied over the years. Generally there has been one person, with a title like "National Director" or "Executive Director", who has hiring and supervisory authority over all or most of the rest of the staff. But at various times specific functions have been performed by staff who report directly to the national Chair or to an LNC subcommittee.

Note that although these people are collectively referred to as LNC Staff, and they have usually provided some support for the LNC's function as a committee (e.g., arranging for a meeting location, copying/distributing reports) most of their work is not of this nature.

Current Staff

Position Officeholder Took office List
Executive Director Wes Benedict 2013 List
Political Director Carla Howell List
Operations Director Robert Kraus Before Jan. 2008
Assistant Editor Elizabeth Brierly
Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist Bob Johnston
State Affiliate Development Specialist Andy Burns
Special Projects Nick Dunbar
Head of Development Lauren Daugherty
Designer Denise Luckey
Development Coordinator Jess Mears
Membership Renewals Matthew Thexton
Special Projects Burly Cain

Former Staff

Louise Calise, Development
Edward Wilson, Special Projects


Media & Development

These roles took on different titles and jobs were merged from time to time.

Media Coordinator
Communications Director
Affiliate Services & New Media
Development Assistant
Development & New Media Assistant

Other Roles

Direct Mail Manager
Volunteer Coordinator
Member Services Specialist
Affiliate Relations Manager
Staff Assistant
Special Projects
Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist
Video Productions