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Dear Libertarian,

Only 5 days until the most Libertarian event of the year for Hoosiers!

2020 LPIN State Convention

When: March 06, 2020 6:00 PM, EST

Where: 7202 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46219

Don't miss out; only purchasing a package get you into these great events:

Looking to be chosen as a delegate to the National Convention? The business meeting at 1pm is your chance to do so!

Weekend activities will also include: a Presidential Straw Poll, a Scavenger Hunt, a Pirate After-Party, and a Silent Auction.

Will you be attending?

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2020 LPIN State Convention

At the Indianapolis Marriott East - 7202 E 21st St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219 - BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM NOW

Have a business to promote? File:IN-Convention 2020 Table-and-Vendor-Ad.pdf

2020 LPIN State Convention Schedule

Friday, March 6, 2020

6:00 pm - "Vet the Candidates" Networking Reception

Candidates for party nomination and internal offices will be on hand to meet with delegates and answer questions. This includes candidates for National Party Chair and Vice-Chair, Presidential candidates, and our own Gubernatorial candidates.

Confirmed candidates to be in attendance: Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman, Jo Jorgensen, John Monds, Lincoln Chafee, Jason Eicholtz, Bill Levin, Donald Rainwater, & Joe Bishop-Henchman.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

9:00 am - Gubernatorial Debate

Bill Levin and Donald Rainwater will be onstage to share their campaign plans, policies, and party histories as the two candidates vying for the Gubernatorial Nomination for the Libertarian Party of Indiana! The debate will be moderated by the LPIN Chair, Timothy Maguire.

10:00 am - Candidate Training Workshop: Campaigns and Candidates – Know Thyself – What Truly Distinguishes You from Others.

This program helps candidates and campaigns learn to distinguish themselves from their competition, in a way that resonates with enough voters to win, creates a positive brand, and allows you to remain true to your positions.

Presenters: Scott Eggers – Atlanta, Indiana – Worked for over 20 years in sales and training for a national suntan product company based in Indianapolis. Volunteer for the Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State in 2018. Mark Rutherford – Indianapolis, Indiana – Past State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Past Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, 2018 Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State in 2018. A program provided by Mark W. Rutherford & Associates Consulting, Inc.

11:00 am - Cannabis Forum: discussion on cannabis activism and legislation in Indiana

Discussion on cannabis activism and legislation in Indiana hosted by media personality Rob Kendall with State Senator Karen Tallian, Reina Bannister (Women Cannabis Warriors – WCW), and William Henry (IN-NORMAL).

12 NOON - Lunch and Fundraising Training

Presentation on the how-to's of fundraising.

1:30 pm - Annual LPIN Business Meeting

(only Delegates may speak and vote; contact your County Chairperson to learn how to become a Delegate)

5:00 pm - Cocktail Hour

6:00 pm - Banquet - Guest Speaker Nicholas Sarwark – Chairman, Libertarian National Committee

LPIN Award Nominations

Other Saturday Activities:

  • Presidential Straw Poll
  • Silent Auction
  • Pirate Scavenger Hunt and After-Party; (tickets are sold for rations along with your map to find the treasures)

Sunday, March 8, 2020

9:00 am - 1994 Society Donors Breakfast - by invitation only

Dr. Kyle Varner – Libertarian Lessons from a Doctor Volunteering in Venezuela. (Join the 1994 Society today to get an invitation!)

Best regards,

Libertarian Party of Indiana