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(2020 Presidential Campaign)
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*''The Lancer Spirit''<ref>https://www.lancerspiritonline.com/16478/opinion/why-you-should-vote-supreme-in-2020/</ref>
*''' ''The Lancer Spirit'' '''<ref>https://www.lancerspiritonline.com/16478/opinion/why-you-should-vote-supreme-in-2020/</ref>

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Vermin Supreme
Personal Details
Occupation: Performance Artist, activist
Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Party: Libertarian (since 2016)
Democratic (2004-2008, 2012-2016)
Republican (2008-2012)
Independent (1988-2004)
Facebook: Facebook

Vermin Supreme is a performance artist and political activist from Baltimore, Maryland.

Vermin has run campaigns for public office since 1987, having run in presidential primaries in the Democratic party, the Republican party, and as an Independent.[1]

At the 2016 Libertarian Party National Convention, Vermin received one write-in vote on the First Ballot for the Presidential Nomination and for LNC Chair.[2]

2016 Presidential Campaign

In 2016, Supreme sought the Libertarian nomination for President.

2020 Presidential Campaign

On May 28 2018, Supreme declared his candidacy for President of the United States, seeking the Libertarian Party nomination.[3] On December 14 2019, Vermin Supreme named Spike Cohen as his running mate.[4]



  • The People for Bill Weld (Libertarian nomination) [9]
  • The Lancer Spirit [10]


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