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===LNC Chair===
===LNC Chair===
*'''[[Todd Hagopian]]''', businessman from Oklahoma.<ref>https://beinglibertarian.com/libertarian-party-chairmanship-campaign/</ref>
*'''[[Todd Hagopian]]''', businessman from Oklahoma.<ref>https://beinglibertarian.com/libertarian-party-chairmanship-campaign/</ref>
*'''[[Mike Shipley]]''', [[Libertarian Party of Arizona]] 2nd Vice Chair.<ref>https://www.facebook.com/mikester4liberty/</ref>
*'''[[Joshua Smith]]''', LNC At-Large representative.<ref>https://www.facebook.com/JoshuaSmith4liberty/posts/620312378474659</ref>
*'''[[Joshua Smith]]''', LNC At-Large representative.<ref>https://www.facebook.com/JoshuaSmith4liberty/posts/620312378474659</ref>

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This article is about an upcoming convention. Information is subject to change as the convention date approaches and as new information becomes available.

2020 Libertarian National Convention
Dates: May 21-25, 2020
Location: Austin, Texas
Venue: J.W. Marriott
Website: Website
← 2018

The 2020 Libertarian National Convention is the upcoming biannual Libertarian Party National Convention. It will be held on Memorial Day weekend (21-25 May) in Austin, Texas.


The 2020 Convention will include consideration of proposals to amend the Libertarian Party bylaws, consideration of amendments to the Libertarian Party Platform, and election of national officers and other members of the Libertarian National Committee.

Additionally, delegates to the Convention will nominate candidates for President and Vice-President to run on the Libertarian Party ticket in the 2020 United States Presidential election.

Delegates are selected by each of the state affiliates of the Libertarian Party.

The event is also expected to include seminars, forums, debates, discussion groups, and an exhibition hall as indicated by the Request for Proposal.


The three finalist cities for the convention location were: Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. The location chosen was the Austin JW Marriott.


The following are declared candidates for the elections to take place at the 2020 convention.

None Of The Above is a valid candidate for all positions.[1]


These candidates have either filed paperwork to run for office with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), issued a public announcement declaring their intention to run, or created a promotional/campaign page (through social media or a website).

Main article: 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates

Name Background State Campaign Announced
Max Abramson New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham District 20
2016 Libertarian Nominee for Governor of New Hampshire
New Hampshire website 30 June 2019
Ken Armstrong Former Executive
Former Honolulu County Neighborhood Board
Oregon website 10 May 2019
Daniel Behrman Podcaster and Internet Personality
2014 Libertarian candidate for District 125 of the Texas House of Representatives
Texas website 29 May 2016
Keenan Wallace Dunham Libertarian Party of Horry County Chair North Carolina website 20 August 2019
Souraya Faas 2018 candidate for the Republican nomination for Florida's 26th District of the US House of Representatives
2016 Independent Write-in candidate for President
Florida social media page 11 May 2019
Adam Kokesh Anti-War Activist and Author
2018 Write-in Candidate for U.S. Senate from Arizona
Arizona website 18 July 2013
Benjamin Leder Libertarian Party of Henderson County Chair Texas website 24 March 2018
John McAfee Former CEO of McAfee Inc.
2016 Candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination
Tennessee website 03 June 2018
James O. Ogle Artist and Mathematician
2012 Candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination
California website 02 July 2018
Kim Ruff
(running mate- John Phillips)
Former Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Secretary
2018 Candidate for Arizona State Mine Inspector
Arizona website 06 July 2018
Vermin Supreme Performance Artist and Activist
Candidate for President in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016
Massachusetts website 28 May 2018
Arvin Vohra Former Libertarian National Committee Vice-Chair (2014-2018)
Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate from Maryland in 2018
Maryland website 03 July 2018


Name Background State Campaign Announced
John Phillips
(running mate of Kim Ruff)
Libertarian National Committee Region 6 Representative
Libertarian Party of Macon County Chair
Illinois website 06 July 2018
Jeff Wood Libertarian Party of Michigan District 8 Representative
2018 Candidate for Libertarian Party of Michigan Gubernatorial Nomination
Michigan website 03 June 2018

LNC Chair


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