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This is a list of known LP-related Yahoo! Groups. The action item is to copy these lists for posterity before they get deleted, presumably with little advance warning. Little advance warning is 14 December 2019.

Some of these groups still have traffic, and may require additional passes as time progresses.

Please add to this list as more are found. An indicated assessment of priority for each is probably also in order.

List of Yahoo Groups

This is a list of groups we want to save. If somebody has been able to download the contents, the second column shows who, in what format, and when. If the second column is "*", we don't know of a successful download yet and we need to get it done!

ba-liberty *
GrassrootsLibertarians *
LNCDiscussPublic *
lpny_announce AMK as mbox 1031
lpny_committee AMK as mbox 1031
lpny_discuss AMK as mbox 1031
lpny_history AMK as mbox 1031
lpny_manhattan AMK as mbox 1031
lpny_media AMK as mbox 1031
lpny_western AMK as mbox 1031
lpradicals *
lpradicals-debate need
lprc-discuss *
lptx JG as json 1120
lptx-signs JG as json 1120
mlp AMK as mbox 1031
rochester-libertarians AMK as mbox 1031

Options for downloading Yahoo groups

To the committee in general

I never knew there were two "reform caucuses" - this is one here that shared the LPRC abbreviation - the yahoo group for it has been deleted

I cannot find the archive for the main Reform Caucus - that is valuable to preserve. I know some folks that might have it. The Yahoo Group search function for Libertarian groups is erroring out. I am sure there are a lot more to find. The LPRadicals one is of particular interest as David Nolan participated in it frequently but he might have participated in many others. I just know of those as they were mentioned in Wes Benedict's book.